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The Wish List


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Ronaldinho, Saviola, Puyol, Aimar, Joaquin, Thuram, Morientes, Vieri, Hildebrand, Buffon, Mexes, Canavaro, Nesta... wait a minute! We're not chelsea ;D


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I'd take Aranzubia, he's a very young and talented Spanish goalkeeper. Otherwise, maybe Xabi Alonso and Gilardino.


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What about Victor Valdez? I was really impressed with him for Barca last season. Other than that, I want a center back (Coloccini maybe), and a striker (no idea who)...
well, what do we need

Attackive pacey RB- Bernard Mendy, or someone else classy

Att Center Mid- at least till cesc fully comes through- Aimar would be the dream but more realistic maybe an angry cassano if we can raise the funds, or maybe even buy tevez and train him to be an att mid, he is already incredibly gifted and could maybe emulate maradonna ina few years, minus the scandal and ****ty attitude

AND DEFINATELY A GOALKEEPER- please oh please can we have frey, that man is the closest thing you'll get to a walking clean sheet

P.S. If we've been really good girls and boys another cb would be great, cygan is shiiiiiiitttttttttt

kel varnsen

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we should get:
de jong from ajax. talented defender; can play as a full back and as a central defender.

jesus navas or wright-phillips. talented right midfielders. quick and good ball control.

bojinov. aliadiere will never make hit; he is way too injury prone. bojinov is amazing; imo better than rooney. fast, strong, good in the air, can score goals...


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I'd love to get Nigel de Jong. He is absolute class, and he can head a ball pretty bloody well too.


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realistic wish list:
Burdisso: Argie Defender, young with tons of potential
Boumsong: another good french defender who could become great under AW
Kapo: promising winger, could replace pires in the long run
Joaquin: I think AW could make him a star

unrealist wish list:
Mexes: I guess AW had his chance but didn't go for him so you have to wonder...
Rio Ferdinand
ballack or hargreaves


I want the best player in the position we really need.

1. Goalkeepr - I'd like to see Lehmann get the boot and Buffon comes in his place

2. Right Back - I don't lauren specially after his own goal against Liverpool, the best player is his position is Puyol.

3. Sweeper - I love Kolo, but I still think he should be on the bench and we should get world class sweeper. its seems that Sol and Rio doing superb together but I preger Nesta.

4. Center Midfielder - we always ahd trouble in the position next to Vieira, top class player in this position is Ronaldinho


GK Maarten Stekelenburg

CB / SB Nigel De Jong

CB Roberto Ayala or Lucio

RM Joaquin or Ricardo Quaresma

CM Pablo Aimar or Rafael Van Der Vaart

It's funny how AW can't see ''already established'' talent instead of
buying mediocracy which are destined to fail sometime or another.

If you don't know what I mean, just look at our CL status.

I hate AW's ignorance.


*Loyan* said:
You kow what mate, without being offensive or anything you are seroiusly starting to get on my nerves. You are so negative in your posts and always seem to be moaning and bashing either our players or the gaffer. Calm down and think about what you post before you actually do this. And I'm saying this in as non-offensive a way as possible.

So freedom of speech doesn't exist in your view?
Insult me all you want, go on, let it rip. Why should I care?


*Loyan* said:
Mate I am not insulting you or trying to abuse you. All I'm saying is you come off a bit too negative and maybe a little more optimism would not be amiss.

That's cool mate.
But consider the fact that as a n Arsenal fan, I feel a little frustrated.
I reckon this is a great place to let it all out.
Most of us see us as somewhat untouchable, but of course that's certainly
not the case. I feel we need a better team to give us a better chance in
our games, and the fact that AW has let so many oppertunites slide, and
doesn't see a good aquisition when it's right infront of his face frustrates me the most.

Remeber the fact that we both are in love with the same team.


a established midfield playmaker will do great.

xavi of barcelona impressed me alot and he's a proven quality.

we could scored more week in week out if we have a target striker in the team. no 1 is finishing all those crosses that are made. i'll choose shevchenko for the job.

more realistic options will be coloccini for DCand DR , rafael van der vart for midfield playmaker role and gilardinho for targetman.


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Xavi's been sensational for Barca thus far this season.

I would like Rafael van der Vaart to replace Bergy at the end of the season. I think we could get van der Vaart for around £10m.

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