Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Adam, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Zepp

    Zepp New Member

    On the odd occasions that I've seen Tiago play, he hasn't really impressed me to be honest. With Cesc improving all the time, i don't think we really need to buy another CM, unless Gilberto leaves
  2. KlurgsSporg

    KlurgsSporg New Member

    Gilberto - out to barca for around £6mill and Tiago in for about £5mill he will be in the shadow of Edu for a few months and then Gosh he will be good signing, i can see this happening for all the big money clubs are after Joaquim, Rothen and Torres
  3. goonerlove

    goonerlove New Member

    Khlurg, this makes sense to me... although it might hurt our short-term depth, having Edu and Gilberto seems a bit redundant and given that Gilberto seems to have some good sales potential, I think this summer might be the time to pull the trigger. If we could get upwards of 6+ million for him, that would really help our ability to address our overall team needs and bringing in a young talent like Tiago sounds good to me...

  4. juz7_pi12es

    juz7_pi12es New Member

    let's collect $10 from each of us :oops:
  5. GoonerLuke

    GoonerLuke New Member

    I've often thought of that. What if every gooner who could afford it, worldwide, gave something like 20 pounds a year to be used on new signings?

    Of course it would never happen, but it's interesting to think about.
  6. KlurgsSporg

    KlurgsSporg New Member

    well i would definatley make a £20 payment he would have loadsa money we have about 40/50,000 fans like us(real gooners not a Iraqi with a henry shirt on) who would give money.. who is good at maths??

    20 x lets split it 45,000 = £900,000 damn not even enough to buy jeffers

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