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Raul Stanllehi
Really glad to see him out of the club. Unbelievable that the clowns at the club considered a new contract for him.

Wish him good luck elsewhere.


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The man acted with class throughout his time here.

I supported him during the first season but towards the end there were signs that couldn't be ignored.

Hope he'll take some time and kick-start his career. Might do well in Italy or back in Spain.


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A good coach, just didn't suit what we wanted, nothing but time for him though, very nice man.

Also has to be said that many of these players should be sold, and aren't good enough, like Emery...but unlike Emery, some have conducted themselves very poorly, I have never looked forward to a squad getting ripped apart, like I have this one!


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Has done an interview with MARCA. Blaming the fans for throwing him out. And having the hard neck to say having four captains was a problem - obviously forgetting that was his brainchild.



Football can be a brutal business. There is no doubt that he had to go, but he is clearly a decent man.
Most people are decent people so that’s neither here or there.

Emery was a *** at his job, just like Raul and others were bums at their jobs, which has now left us mid table, missing out on CL again and falling further behind our rivals.

The massive decline is clear to see. You can safely say we won’t finish top 4 next season either.


Raul Stanllehi
Big dick Raul is doing a much worse job than Emery tbh, he signed Emery in the first place, wanted to extend Emery despite bottling everything at the end of the season, signed 200m worth of talent and yet we look worse, left us with no money to spend— having to scrape for loan deals in the Brazilian league.

No one there to question him though as he has surrounded himself with yes men who don‘t want to get thrown out like Mislintat and the others were.

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Weird to blame the fans. I mean for example here on AM Emery still had the mods and their attack dogs Championing him even if there were two months since last win.


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