What a Match to be at!

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by thegame24, Dec 11, 2003.

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    It wasn't such a great atmosphere and sadly usually isn't. As someone said the best atmosphere was Chelsea this season. That was a great game and a strong atmosphere.

    The games where the atmosphere is decent at highbury are those where we have problems and difficulties getting through for goal and the crowd are more riled up and eager to get behind the team one way or another. The North bank lower and Clockend are always decent atmospheres but nothing in comparison to what it can be like and is at away games where any away game would make the best home game at Highbury look like a, library.

    I like to be anywhere in highbury though as every area has it's own charm and characters. Better than season ticket really where your stuck in the same seat you get to experience different areas of the ground so no area becomes the worst because all areas have their own personalities. The upper tiers are quiet and the lower are louder and louder at both ends. It's just highbury and that's what makes it unique but all things considered I prefer away games for the whole atmosphere of following your team away from home with a minimum 1 against 10 support.

    I am sure the new ground will pick up atmosphere wise from what I have heard and also seen of the ground.
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