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When did Wenger lose you?

When did Wenger lose you?

  • 2016/17: This season

  • 2015/16: Leicester

  • 2012 - 2015

  • 2005 - 2012

  • '96 - 2005

  • He hasn't

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Thought it would be interesting to see when people lost faith, given most of the fanbase now wants Wenger out.

Last season did it for me. Only club in Europe not to sign a single outfield player, humiliated in all the cups, lost the league to the favourite for relegation.

When was your breaking point?


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Last year was our year to win it for sure, even the stubborn Wenger must realise that deep down. This season has just solidified my belief that although I am very grateful for what he has done in the past and will always remember the man fondly it is abundantly clear we will not progress any further under him, in fact it looks very likely we are now falling further behind.

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Since season 2011/12.Since that season we were never close to win the title and we were beaten in CL regularly.Money wasn't problem since that season and even with some good transfers we always played the same **** and had similar story every year.


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2011 - Selling Cesc and Nasri. Buying Andre Santos, Park, Gerboué and Arteta despite Arteta actually being a good player for us.

Completely lost my faith after buying no outfield players in 2015, and then signing a declining Cech.

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He never really will lose me. But I started thinking I wouldn't mind a change in last summer.

The final straw. When it was obvious we were gonna struggle to give Sanchez and Özil a new contracts midway this season but Coquelin and Giroud got a new ones. Coquelin specially getting new contract represented everything I dislike in Wenger modern managing methods.

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I started to really question him the season we started with like 1 fit CB but yeah I think last season broke me completely. It was when it confirmed to me that we'd never win the PL under him again.


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The Man Utd game last season was the end for me. We were playing their U21s, had just got ourselves back into a good position .. only to put out one of the worst displays you'll ever see. Unforgivable.

My love for AW as a person is completely different to the manager though, so when he leaves I'm going to miss him sooo bad! He's a gem.


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only in the past few weeks, when it became clear he was incapable of judging his position at Arsenal rationally, because he couldn't contemplate leaving


Re signing Flamini. I get the circumstances that led him to make the biggest mistake of his career (keeping Theo Walcott) but for the 2nd biggest there isn't a single excuse. You can't beat free? Man liked to point out whatever free space we have for our rival attackers to exploit ffs


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A long time ago. Even if we disregard the financial aspects of not being able to compete with the richer clubs around us, he evidently isn't a top coach any longer, and the board won't remove him from his duties.

It's a vicious cycle, I tell ya..


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I have been annoyed with his predictability tactically and having missed placed faith/ judgement in players in long term bad form for a long while (when Song was playing with us). However breaking point for me was only recently amongst the Chelsea loss, First leg against Bayern and losing to pool.
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I'm not sure when it was, but protecting the players from criticism went from admirable to foolish at some point.

Players have always taken advantage of his loyalty to them and rarely paid him back, but now it has gone too far and there should be consequences for continual bad performance. He is just not capable to do it


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Thought he should have walked after the FA Cup win. Lost me completely last season when he bought no players in January when we could have won the league.


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From January 2017 onwards the decline in our form,club,supporters have all suffered because of this man and his pig-headedness as to not see what's blatantly obvious,his time has passed he's losing the respect of his former players too which surely must tell him that's it?

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