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You have the budget to replace three starters who are they?

Which 3 starters would you look to improve upon?

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On paper... Ramsdale, Martinelli and White I guess...but that won't be easy at all.

Whatever happens, just glad we have such a great squad now and one that can only get better ( through both signings and also development of the existing players) great times!


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Even in an alternate universe where Xhaka is playing well and Arsenal are less than a dozen games out from winning the title, Xhaka leaving is still #1 A-M fetish.

When I see these guys showing armpits at the end of the season I will entertain this question.


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I voted Xhaka, Jesus & Martinelli. However I fcked up because my thinking was to move Jesus to Martinelli position, which only means 2. Ah well.

Xhaka - reckon we could do even better in this position. Hes had an amazing season & he deserves a lot of credit, but we need someone with even more to their game, younger, & quicker. Someone like Bellingham pls.

Martinelli - his end product has improved this season, especially lately. I just find him a bit one dimensional at times. I mean I'm nitpicking here. He needs to add more assists.

Jesus - well he needs to improve his finishing a lot to spearhead our attack. He is so so good at everything else but finishing, it's why I think he could be really effective for us on the LW & feeding someone like Ivan Toney as striker.


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You know I’ll probably take an Emi type over Ramsdale just because of penalties. During a cup run these Emi types are winning you shootouts for sure.


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Honestly, I don't want to replace anyone really. I would like some younger talent (like younger than 25) to come in and compete with partey /xhaka for their spots so they can get injured and be cover in a few years while the younger ones become starters.

It's hard with such a young squad.
Most of these guys should just get better.


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Xhaka. He’s a bit like what Freddie was to the invincibles. Fantastic in his role but you could imagine a more talented player doing even better.

Ramsdale. Harsh but there are keepers who are better than him overall and still great with their feet. An Alisson level player elevates this team.

Martinelli. Osimhen could easily replace Martinelli’s goals and Jesus could potentially outperform him at LW. This tells me that he shouldn’t be an undisputed starter. Though this is just as much a criticism of Jesus’ finishing.


Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

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Xhaka. He’s a bit like what Freddie was to the invincibles. Fantastic in his role but you could imagine a more talented player doing even better.

Me seeing Freddie catch some random strays in an AM thread somehow, from someone other than @Blood on the Tracks ...



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I'd have Bellingham come in for Xhaka next season although i think Granit is one of the hardest to replace within the squad we have atm and really like him a lot.
After selling our soul (to become the best team in the world), Nketiah and Balogun - Osimhen should compete with Jesus and then ideally score like Haaland, so comes in for me as GJ gets to rotate with Martinelli.
And thats that from me. Cant think of anyone to replace that back 5/6 honestly.
If you force me to a third, it would be Mbappe for Martinelli but i fear we'd suffer defensively. It would have to be a Mbappe that wants to give his all for us and that ship might have sailed.
Truth is, I dont want to change any of them really.


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Almost impossible to pick a 3rd right now tbh. I'd go Xhaka and Partey for the first two due to age and reliability (in Partey's case) more than anything. On form alone it'd be difficult to find anyone good enough to replace them.

For the last one I'd probably echo the people saying Martinelli, but that's only because there are players around who are clearly better than him doing very similar things but being more rounded overall. That's not accounting for the upside of giving Martinelli minutes though of course, which has a lot of value.

In reality though I think all you need is proper competition for the midfield spots and adequate depth in other areas. Big money CM/DM and a small handful of Trossard like signings would probably all you need to compete in every competition.

It is honestly mind-blowing that your starting wide players are both 21 and contributing in the way they are. Has that ever happened before in the league? I can't think of it off the top of my head.


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Well it’s got to be a starter. That makes the player they’re replacing quality depth.

Xhaka- becomes a really solid backup CM and gives us that attacking no8. Dream is Bellingham, realistic is Mount if he gets his mojo back.

Martinelli - As good as he’s been he’s like the Pedro/Jota that every great team has. If you can get yourself that Neymar/Luis Diaz who can better their end product but add in some playmaking then you go for it. Can’t really think of a realistic signing though, a clear upgrade on Gabi might be around the 100M mark.

White - tough one but then White becomes a world class back up defender. He’s playing a lot more like a traditional overlapping RB now so getting in a quick fullback who can impact the game consistently in the final third combining with Saka and Ødegaard would be a cheat code. Cancelo anyone? :lol:

Honourable mention Ramsdale - has actually been much better than last season this year but still doesn’t fill me with title winning keeper confidence. Penalty shootout was a concern and he does get a bit crazy sometimes.


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Voted Xhaka and Partey because they getting old and need replacing soon anyway. And Martinelli. I’m a huge supporter of his around here and think the criticism of him is bordering on criminal, but there’s a certain Georgian plumber I want to come have a look at my plumbing…
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