Arsenal Fixtures 2019/20

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Ricardinho, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Could Never Wifey An Opp Thot

    Apparently we need an LB more because AMN can do the job until Bellerin is back.
  2. Penn_

    Penn_ Established Member

    At least Amazon have finally got in on the game, hopefully Netflix follow too.
  3. freeglennhelder2

    freeglennhelder2 Well-Known Member

    I’ve used stubhub and
    @SpareArsenal on twitter without issue for tickets - probably more likely to get the 7 on stubhub.

    You will of course be paying over face value for the tickets. Perhaps waaaaay over in some cases.

    Apply due diligence as always.
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  4. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Dishonest To His Federation

    Cheers. Will check stubhub out! Just scared that I will get tricked or something! :D
  5. The White Pelè

    The White Pelè Well-Known Member

    We can't say we have the most difficult start because every big team face another one in the first month, so we just have to do our job.
  6. say yes

    say yes To Sweet Soulful House Music

    I got Arsenal.
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  7. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Arséne Wenger once said "I will miss you"

    I got the Sp**s, so we know it’s boll*cks.:lol:
  8. Hunta

    Hunta Shivering Right Now Trusted

    Damn, only got Everton.
  9. lamby22

    lamby22 Well-Known Member

    It's ****ing on

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  10. Manberg

    Manberg Predator

    Newcastle (a) - loss
    Burnley (h) - win
    Liverpool (a) - loss
    Sp**s (h) - draw

    Prove me wrong.
  11. Hleb's Sirush

    Hleb's Sirush Well-Known Member

    I got Norwich. I was going to say just about same probability as Sp**s. But then remembered the spuds have the miracle worker Pochettino at the helm. So they edge it.

    Anyone got Sheffield?
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  12. rupscund

    rupscund Member

    Sounds about right.
  13. markt

    markt New Member

    Hi all,

    A bunch of us are hoping to travel over from Ireland for this game on Sat 26th Oct but per the fixtures on the Arsenal website it might (well most likely will) be impacted by the Europa league on the previous Thursday.

    Would the norm be for the PL to move the game from the Saturday to the Sunday, ie 26th to 27th? Interested to hear from you folk before anyone starts booking flights etc...

  14. The White Pelè

    The White Pelè Well-Known Member

    I don't think we are gonna lose against Newcastle. Probably a draw.
  15. krengon

    krengon One Arsene Wenger Trusted

    Yeah we usually play on sundays after Europa league.. They will definitely move it from saturday though.
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  16. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    Saturday 17 August 2019
    12:30 Arsenal v Burnley (BT Sport)

    Saturday 24 August 2019
    17:30 Liverpool v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

    Sunday 1 September 2019
    16:30 Arsenal v Sp**s (Sky Sports)

    Sunday 15 September 2019
    16:30 Arsenal v Aston Villa*
    *Moved due to Arsenal's UEFA Europa League participation

    Monday 30 September 2019
    20:00 Man Utd v Arsenal (Sky Sports)
  17. ggunner12345

    ggunner12345 Active Member

    Newcastle (A) Draw
    Burnley (H) WIN
    Liverpool (a) loss
    Sp**s (H) draw
    Villa (H) win
    Man u (a) Draw
  18. Ricardinho

    Ricardinho La Liga Correspondent

    This sort of thing really shouldn't be allowed

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  19. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    Playing at Old Trafford on a Monday night before an EL game as well.
  20. LG10

    LG10 Well-Known Member

    Teams I’m the group stage are dogshit, the b team will batter anyone. We won most of our post Europa prem matched last season anyways

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