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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by American_Gooner, Mar 27, 2019.

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  1. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure you watched it. You just have to look at their opening line up to see why we looked 'good' going forward. We had our 'strongest' line up bar Willock. They literally only had Tolisso, Thiago, Neuer and Alaba playing in their proper positions. They had basically no threat going forward and were still dangerous.

    When they made the 11 changes and took 5 minutes to settle they completely dominated from that point. We had opportunities to counter but that is literally it. Those opportunities wouldn't even occur if they had Goretzka Thiago and Tolisso in midfield together.

    It's the same old story. We can't connect the midfield to the attack. We have no wingers to beat players. Xhaka and Mustafi are still making errors. AMN is not a right back and even though that is the case he is offered no protection. There is nothing positive to take from the first team players apart from Auba. FFS Özil did not have a good game. This is the problem. This is pre season intensity and this is the same intensity Özil displays in an actual league game.
  2. Raicore

    Raicore Member

    am impressed by our youngsters. wish to see them getting more minutes in this tour. Come on Emery! Start the youngsters vs Fiorentina..
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  3. THunter

    THunter NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    Just read through this thread at super speed, disgusting not to start Nelson, clearly something against the lad after Ornstein’s comments.

    Nketiah proving wrong all the idiots who don’t watch the academy and write him off. I’ll be pissed off if Smith Rowe isn’t fit for either of the last two games.
  4. Maybe

    Maybe Well-Known Member

    How was Willock? Any news why ESR was not part of the squad?
  5. HairSprayGooners

    HairSprayGooners Transfer Junkie

    Can see you’re that guy that just uses Özil as a scapegoat for everything lol. He had a good game, praise him when he plays well, not just when he plays like he did against Leicester. He wasn’t spectacular but he had a good game.

    We looked good going forward because Auba and Özil were having good games.

    Ceballos, Tierney and a left winger walk into that team that started today.

    You’ve watched 10 mins of our kids pretty much against their kids and said that’s the answer. It’s not. 4231 is probably the answer, left winger is desperately needed. AMN isn’t going to be playing a Coman every week either.
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  6. Wrighty4eva

    Wrighty4eva Well-Known Member

  7. dka91

    dka91 Well-Known Member

    Yep I agree, although I think Özil was alright
  8. THunter

    THunter NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    By the sounds of it Willock was our best player, need to see a comp.

    ESR has been in the training pics the last few days so I’m hoping he’s just a bit behind and will get minutes against Fiorentina on Saturday.
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  9. Jasard

    Jasard No longer wants to #PlayAMNInMidfield

    Isn't it a bit disturbing he says he didn't know Burton?
  10. 14Henry

    14Henry Well-Known Member

    Yeah for sure because while there is no small teams in the premier league it would be nice to get one or two more involved. Players sometimes need more responsibility to shine. But definately 20 minute cameos here and there and then more minutes league cup, Europa league etc.
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  11. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Well-Known Member

    I never said kids are the answer and I don't scapegoat Özil. Let me ask you a question. What did Özil do when the opposition had the ball?
  12. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Well-Known Member

    Massively. He doesn't know how to use any of our young players. Hence why AMN has never been tried in midfield under Emery, why Iwobi is on the left and even played on the right. Now we are holding Willock back in midfield.
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  13. THunter

    THunter NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    Pathetic coach, need him gone before he ruins the best group we’ve had in years.
  14. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Don't want to turn this into Wenga v Emery but Wenger in his last season half the vids and photos are of him hanging with Nelson , Nketiah and Willock almost like he had taken them under his wing .
  15. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Anyone seen Sarpreet Singh for Bayern ? Comes from NZ so technically an Aussie waiting for citizenship :D
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  16. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa Well-Known Member Trusted

    They might be with us but they won’t all get 10 starts and I disagree that it’s better than 30 elsewhere.

    There’s no substitute for match experience. You’re underestimating the impact of the confidence that comes with being trusted to start competitive games each week. To this day I’m convinced if we signed Walcott and loaned him back to Southampton rather than “nuture” him in training for a year to learn from Arsenal players, he’d have developed much better decision making and learned to apply a wider ranger of tools than pace and shooting.

    Compare someone who tries learning to be an elite chef by watching other chefs cook, doing training courses and then occasionally being thrown into a busy kitchen with someone who’s been working in an established restaurant for 2 years. The former might have just as much talent but the latter will be more effective with it.

    It’s more convenient for us to keep them around but if they’re going to make 5 matchday squads a season and play with the U23s, they’re much better off starting every week at somewhere like Charlton.

    We just need to not be stupid and include a recall clause like Leicester did with Harvey Barnes.
  17. Wrighty4eva

    Wrighty4eva Well-Known Member

    Either gazidis was lying (which isn't unbelievable) or Emery bullsh!tted his way into the job, because someone said he had an in depth dossier on our youth particularly AMN. Get rid please, I am firmly Emery out now.
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  18. THunter

    THunter NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    We’ve literally had to swap things around at coaching level (Freddie/Bould) to make sure our coach uses what’s been a top 2 academy in England for the last few years.

    Maitland-Niles hasn’t been played in CM since his MOTM performance at old Trafford. Willock and Nketiah were good enough last season. Continuing with Mkhitaryan and Iwobi over Saka and Amaechi last season. I’m worried about Nelson and Smith Rowe too.
  19. Fewtch

    Fewtch Ozil at 10 And Emery Out

    AMN is not a midfielder, he’s a winger. Playing him as a RB while our starting RB is injured makes more sense than playing him in midfield just because he played well once in a meaningless game against United.
  20. Gursha

    Gursha Well-Known Member

    Soo cause many liked the previous summary ill do it again for those who didnt get up!
    Started with a very strong first team line up
    GK- Leno - Was very good! made 2 brilliant instinctive saves on 0-0. worthy number 1!
    LB - Monreal - well... he keeps his decline from last season... poor passing and ok defending, must be replaced or 3rd choice at best.
    CB - Mustafi - he did ok, good drives and direct passing at times... but ofc he had to combine that with poor defending on Lewas goal... very poor marking with the all familiar raising of the hand claiming to be offside which wasnt even close
    CB - Sokratis - was brilliant, comfortable on the ball and very commanding. exactly the stability we need for next season.
    RB - Niles - he was very good! his style screams for the midfield or wing but we are so short at options in RB... when Coman came on he was massacred basically everytime Coman got the ball, clearly not a defender... amazing pace tho!
    CM - Xhaka - good passing range as usual, seems to be quicker under pressure ( was his weakness last season for me) and its early preseason! good signs!
    CM - Willock - this guy is amazing. direct passing good strength and defensive work... he will be huge part of the rotation, really excited about our options from the bench next season.
    CAM - Özil - played well! looked a bit rusty/slow in his decision making, but when he did choose the right time/decision, the weight on his passing was nothing short of sublime!
    LW - Mikhi - he showed glimpses of his Dortmund days with 1 or 2 dribbles, apart from that he was very poor, definitely he will not first team and be replace ( I hope)
    ST - Laca - He frustrate me so much. he seems like he needs just a little bit more technique/composure/decision making to burst into that next level... as of now i see him as a player that either preforms at world class level, or just nothing comes off for him, theres no in between. today nothing came off for him...
    RW - Auba - my MOTM, he was so dangerous! seemed to gather back his pace! he lost it a bit last year but this match he was so electric, big crosses that couldve been converted, amazing dribbles, good counter attacking build up and passing. was a delight to watch at the wing! He had a typical sitter auba miss that reminded of last season auba, but from what i saw i think he'll be much better this season.

    HT subs -
    LB - Kola - looked much better than Monreal, gave 2 amazing crosses that shouldve been converted. defensively held his ground well.
    GK - Martinez - most of the shots he faced were off target, but he had a few big saves like vs gnabry on 1v1.

    Subs -
    CM - Burton - unlike the previous game, he impressed me alot this time! good passing range and he freed up kola a few times with a beautiful one touch lob pass to the wing, held the ball well - i convert my comment of "still better than el neny" to "much much better than elneny"
    LW/RW - Nelson - the player i was most excited for - imo disappointing....
    Felt like he thinks he is better than what he showed, i hope he is that good but the signed werent of that, compared to the other youngsters that seem to have a blind link up i felt he was kinda off the wave length.. Only 30~ minutes but i hope he'll improve..
    CAM - TJJ - again amazing performance, he had little time, just over 10 min but gave a good assist with a beautiful one two inside the box with... chambers! to give Nketiah his goal, again his diaby style dribble with his long legs was neat, you think he lost it but he sticks a long leg and gets by the player
    LW - Saka - barely touched the ball in his 10 min cameo
    ST - Nketiah - this guy is so hungry ! was beautiful to watch, almost score by robbing Sule of the ball, showed great dribble and was really well positioned for his goal, glad for him.
    CB - Chambers - really impressed me! i think he is already better than mustafi, his midfielder skills gave him little bursts to get out of pressure and free up the build up... and his one two with TJJ was very smart.

    In general both us and Bayern had youngsters at the line ups, our line up looked more filled with first teamers, but i think we did very good, was very pleasing game to watch. very momentum driven game, we had spells and so did bayern
    i felt when the likes of TJJ- Nketiah- Burton - Saka came on we looked better, but thats because the first team trio was tired, still they seem to know each other so well and they link up blindly.
    I think many of the youngeters deserves minutes and a lot of them based on these 2 games, specially over mikhi.
    On to the next game!
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