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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by The_Roadrunner, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    We have to go more offensively in away games we been really s** going forward away form home we have to find something to fit auba mkhi laca and Özil in starting line up because they stars of the team
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  2. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast Opta Loyalist

  3. Wryer

    Wryer Well-Known Member

    Yesterday looked more like a 442 to me. Özil was extreme advanced. Mkhi was more to the right but floated to the middle. Iwobi was quite close to the wing throughout and seemed to be given license to attack the full backs.

    I like the attacking intensity but we were a bit too open. Especially in the second half when we lost the focus.
  4. RandomHero84

    RandomHero84 Well-Known Member

    I feel like Auba had a very similar experience to Laca, albeit with greater pace. Our current playstyle suits back to goal type of forwards. For a striker of his level he didn't get a whole lot of chances, he just had enough efficiency that today if counted. This isn't me discounting him, it was a beautiful finish, but I think our wide players don't stretch the opposition enough, and we certainly don't transition quick enough for "off the shoulder" type number 9s. I think it's a tactical choice.

    I'd like to try Auba on the left and laca central at the cost of Iwobi. I can imagine it would offset lacas habit or dropping deep in this team, allowing PEA to go in behind and really use that pace of his. With time this could develop and become more fluid. With the intelligence of the guys behind them it could be very hard to defend against.

    I personally don't see Iwobi as a hard working and robust defensive wide player, so I don't think I'm advocating an incredible risk. Today the hat trick came from a midfielder, who happened to be on target... But really we need to find a way of getting our finishers on the end of these moves for more reliable goal sources.

    I hope this made sense, I've been drinking.
  5. krackpot

    krackpot Well-Known Member


    Should be entertaining. Score lots, concede lots.
  6. DanDare

    DanDare Spreading positive vibes

    Isolation of Laca was mirrored by Auba second half. Need to get better connection with AMs and our forward to utilise their movement
  7. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Well-Known Member

    You could have those same players but with Wilshere more tucked into a midfield 3. But yeah, we'll still concede haha.
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  8. Sanchez11's ghost

    Sanchez11's ghost Well-Known Member

    We just need a proper dm and let the front 5 do what they want aslong as they track back. We do need another out and out winger though.
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  9. field442

    field442 Abandoned Emery because of Lacazette

    I think/hope he’ll play a 4-3-3 in the big games and we will see a midfield three of Wilshere/Xhaka/Ramsey, starting next week.
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  10. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    Lets hope so

    And i wanna see Auba and Laca upfront

    It means ditching one of jack, Ramsey or Mkith but so be it

    Healthy rotation and competition (the odd man out covers for Özil aswell)

    And ability to sub one and get some energy in

    Welbeck and iwobi and Eddie cover the strikers
  11. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Well-Known Member

    I'd go with that, though to be fair Iwobi has been good defensively in some big games this season.

    We're gonna get bored of saying this repeatedly from now till the summer, but this team just needs a feckin' DM.
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  12. Aevius

    Aevius Wenger's Booty Call Moderator

    Exactly what I'd like to see.
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  13. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Old Friend of Darkness

    We are more than half way into the season and we still haven't got our tactics function correctly. We need to get it right before we face strong team in EL.
  14. Zyrth

    Zyrth Well-Known Member

    First half Ramsey played great, stationed himself in the middle between AM and Forwards, and Defenders. Made late runs in to score.

    Second half not so great. Either he switched off and reverted to type or Everton changed the way they played which baited him. Whatever the cause, I noticed he was stationed further up field near the forwards instead of making late runs, which coincided with our poor controlling of the match.
  15. krackpot

    krackpot Well-Known Member

    Away games are such a misery right now. We just stop playing. We're so scared of losing the ball that we don't take any risks at all, and then concede possession.

    We'd play much better if we stopped being scared of losing the ball. Play deep or whatever.
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  16. Zyrth

    Zyrth Well-Known Member

    The senseless and mind boggling passing back kills any hope of a quick attack. Wenger may have to force some drills for our CMs and FBs now. They need some help on where to pass and where to run.
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  17. krackpot

    krackpot Well-Known Member


    we also need to learn to shield the ball, or turn. Most of our mistakes are because of being caught on the turn, or by being bundled over/pressed.
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  18. DanDare

    DanDare Spreading positive vibes

    A successful tactical approach can only be achieved with a totally new spine and manager.

    CB x 2
    CM to replace Xhaka

    Pretty large outlay needed. Perhaps a more drilled team could accommodate or even allow Mustafi to grow into something.
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  19. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Well-Known Member

    Tactics this tactics that. You'll only get so far if the team isn't either willing to dominate an opponent or isn't physically capable of dominating them.

    We're neither technically superior enough to pass a team to death, nor strong enough to bend a game to our will. Against weaker sides that give us too much space and respect we'll continue to play great stuff. But there's no sign that this team is able to beat a strong opponent either technically or physically.

    Anyway, sign a f*cking DM. Days like today make me yearn for Simeone.
  20. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    Either go 4-3-1-2 or don't waste playing Özil or mkhi in wings it could work at home when we control the game but away games could be struggle because we'll not have too much of the ball

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