Arsenal Takeover Talks?


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If we are out of Europe the financial situation and prospective loss of earnings due to Covid will be more significant. So while he may not be forced to sell. Having mounting debts and operational losses do tend to lower the value of any business.

It all depends on how the Kroenkes view Arsenal. I always surmised that Arsenal was the cash cow in the Kroenkes sporting businesses. The club has significant value and assets with minimal debt to asset ratio. However that was pre Covid. I have no idea what the state of our financial situation is and if we are as reliant on gate receipts as reported then we are in trouble. We are not going to win any of the big competitions so prize money can’t be relied upon. Also the better you perform during the season results in higher prize money in the league and I don’t think we can expect much this season.

If the Kroenkes want to focus on their us sporting franchises and can get a billion for Arsenal I am sure they will take it.

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Arsenal will become a relatively poorer club over the next few years as we slip out of the" Big Six" and other teams improve revenue streams on the back of new stadia, commercial deals, more television money - some of these are dependent on success on the pitch.

So I don't think we're a cash cow for the Kronkes, simply leverage. In that context could they be tempted to sell for a good price? Maybe. Though I suspect it might not happen till the old goat is gone or otherwise indisposed.


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I don't think we are the cash cow we once were. And he doesnt have the economic stability of the Wenger era where he had minimal investment with maximum return. I think it's possible he would sell with the right outrageous bid, but less likely to happen than happen


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Dangote is not the right option for arsenal long term as the world is weaned off oil. Also bellerin will ask for an immediate transfer if this was to happen :)

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Dangote is not the right option for arsenal long term as the world is weaned off oil. Also bellerin will ask for an immediate transfer if this was to happen :)
That makes it a bonus!

Dangote's wealth comes from beyond oil. Fertiliser's a big one, it helps to feed third world families so that's a woke yes. Unfortunately it keeps them alive to bugger up the climate so that's a climate change fanatic no.

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This is wishful thinking unfortunately I feel.

Hypothetically though I'd accept giving Xhaka a 5 year contract extension and re-signing Özil if it meant getting rid of Stan. :lol:

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In honour of Dangote's imminent arrival here is Arsenal Africa All-Stars XI:

Lauren Toure Song Eboue
Iwobi Partey Gervinho
Adebayor Aubameyang Kanu

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As much as I'd love this to happen, it's a forlorn hope.

We'll win the Champions League long before we're rid of the Kroenkes.


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Kroenke claws are too deep in the club at the moment. There would at least have to be a high level of unrest and demonstrative opposition first before he even dreamed of toying with the idea, and that isnt happening for a good while yet. It might not even register even if/when it did. You don’t get to his status if you give a ****.

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