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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Keplaz, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Mo Britain

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    And yet when I am abroad the UK paper I get rarely features an Arsenal game report even on Monday when we've played on a Sunday you get Manu, Liverpool and even Citeh reports from Saturday ahead of us.

    The reason we got a lot of coverage even when we stopped winning trophies was the quality of our football, which was perceived to be more exciting than even those of our rivals. In the last days of George Graham and for a few years after that no-one had the time of day for us.
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  2. Penn_

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    The media and punditry is **** for any sort of discussion, if you follow the right people you can learn more and get a broader opinion on Twitter. Even Keown was basically sucking Deeney dry when BT rolled him out for ten minutes to talk about our lack of balls.

    Everything is over anaylised these days so it feels like your’re being targeted. MOTD was furious with the Alexis free kick but no word on when Kane won similar from a clean tackle.

    Happened again against Burnley, debating whether the penalty was a foul yet nothing on Lacazette’s foul that could have seen him through on goal.
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  3. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    ESPN wants Ramsey penalised for "diving"!!! But Lukaku gets away with kicking a Brighton player in the groin.

    Conspiracy theories....
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  4. Goonerozil33

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    Media analysis is plain stupid. The biggest advert for that is Gary Neville who is supposed to be one of the best pundit. His managerial career speaks a lot about the gulf between a good manager and a good pundit. Having said that most of these guys analyse very superficial things that are likely to be discussed by many people in social media. The bias is personal. Make no mistake about it. Most of these guys come from a different school of football which is closer to what a mourinho might play. And that is why they don’t understand arsenal.
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  5. DerDeutscheMann

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    Lol at this thread, how about you change it to:

    Arsenal vs the Media & fans of Arsenal FC
  6. Jury

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    I'd be inclined to agree if it was 2003 or if every other club didn't have loads of foreigners.

    I think it's been fair game with the media to over analyse Arsenal since we got really good, and it rears it's head with any sign of a recovery after a sh!t period. We are the club and fans they like to agitate. We're also famously a bit precious now as well, so that doesn't help.
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  7. Mark Tobias

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    Very true. It is like at school when your mates start ragging your mother. The more you whine about it the longer and harder they go at it. If you join in and agree your mother is a dirty whore who takes it from behind for a penny on weekdays and two on a Sunday, they might get bored quickly.

    P.S. I love my mother and the going rate for her is much much more than two pennies on a Sunday

    not much more though
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  8. American_Gooner

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    Classic Henry Winter that
  9. Tosker

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    I think that stems from our history, our managing to hang on to the top tier over many years without winning PL or CL, Wenger's against the trend long tenure, a bunch of illustrious ex-players turned pundits, and a world-wide fan base

    the second I think is the most important - we are a will-we won't we will we ever team that delivers up a lot of material for analysis, criticism, exasperation and occasional admiration
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  10. Aevius

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    @American_Gooner have you seen the BBC's description of Koscielny's goal? :lol:

    "On the flip side, there was also a hint of [Aubameyang's] individualistic streak - he did not seem too thrilled when Koscielny beat him to the scoring touch for Arsenal's second, throwing his arms out in front of him in an apparent gesture of mild frustration."

    In reality, Auba didn't move for the ball to give Kosc space to head it in, then gave Kosc a hug and celebrated with the rest of the team :lol:
  11. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    Is this a ****ing joke? His arms were out and his fists were pumped as a celebration. This is just pure stupidity.
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  12. Aevius

    Aevius Wenger's Booty Call Moderator

    Nope, it's very much real. You can find it a little way into their match report:

    It is beyond clutching at straws, it's stupid lies.
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  13. Slartibartfast

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    Ran across this piece that looks at some of this weekend's media and blog coverage in a humorous way.

    Wenger protest, Chairman booed, anti-Spurs comments, Wilshere going, Big Sam’s instructions, Aubameyang warned.
  14. dashsnow17

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  15. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Well-Known Member

    The Guardian editor's office:

    "Arsenal? Not very f*ckable though, are they?"
  16. Sanchez11's ghost

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    We have never been the darlings of english football bar the invincibles season. These days they are w@nking over Pep or Spuds or Pool. I hope either spuds or pool drop out of the top 4 at our expense.
  17. Ricardinho

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    We could definitely do with a Arsenal in the Media thread so may as well make it this one it.

    After getting all nostalgic for the invncibles, the early 00's, started to remember the real desire to see us beat, particularly those that would appear on match of the day, in the British media. An away defeat at Bolton would often see Lawro frothing at the mouth telling the nation that getting stuck in (i.e kicking and fouling) would see The Arse crumble over the 90 minutes. It only really seemed to die down after the terrible injuries to Eduardo and Ramsey.
  18. ThlRama

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    The thing is that media bias against Arsenal makes sense from a theoretical point of views also, in that we are a very continental club in our ways. We haven't had a British media darling in our squad for a very long time, for example. Man. Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man. City all had their Rooneys, their Fergusons, their Gerrards, their Lampards, their Terrys, their sugar daddies dropping oil money on the national economy and the Premier League... Arsenal have been too purist in way too many aspects in an era that is all about power and wealth, and very non-British while at it. What or other clubs' fans' reasons for thinking that the media may dislike them?
  19. BBF

    BBF Real name: Ragip Xh...

    I love how people think there's a genuine bias. We're one of the most liked teams in the world ffs :lol:
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  20. Mo Britain

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    Not by the British media, maybe that's one of the reasons they hate us so much?

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