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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by beaney, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. run

    run New Member

    Has he joined the team in training? The Sun seemed to indicate he was training at London Colney while the rest of the first team is in Austria.

    And does he still get on with the other players in the team? What does that say about the other players? I think a desire to play for a mercenary organization like Chelski indicates a serious character flaw. Cole has become a ridiculous celebrity wannabe. It's disgusting. In choosing to leave Arsenal he is doing a big thing badly and I hope he regrets it.

    With Carlos seemingly set to stay in Madird it seems like our choice is to pimp him to the scum or bury him on the bench if he won't play for us. Personally, I think we should tell him to shut-up and keep him in the side -- I'd rather pay his salary, even if he doesn't play, than sell him to Chelski.

    On the other hand in footballing terms, I'm not too worried about loosing him; we didn't really miss him last year, I think much of his stature comes from playing in our team, with our style of play, and with Henry and Pires opening up space for him operate. I don't think he will be nearly as good in Chelski's defensive, conservative, boring style. Plus we have all kinds of left-backs ready and waiting. Clichy, Flamini, and even Traore who has looked stunningly good in the preseason.
  2. Natnat

    Natnat Active Member Elite

    Lethim play for CL games so he be cup tied and if he wants to go let him afterwards in next transfer window
  3. flaunt

    flaunt New Member Trusted

    With Traore looking so good for us, we better sell Cole quick before the other teams realize that Mr. Tweedy is not worth the money he's on and start chasing Traore instead.
  4. Fredrock

    Fredrock New Member

    I haven't read ALL posts on this subject (48 pages ffs!) so I don't know if I am repeating what someone has already said. I saw someone though, who said he's amazed at how Cole doesn't seem to think that any of this crap is HIS fault. This is what has made me feel that I could never see Cole in an Arsenal shirt again. He blames the club I love for his under-the-table negotiations with our main rivals (for the title, S***s will never be close to that). The talks I believe take place between players and clubs all the time, but this little prick has the nerve to say that it is all Arsenal's fault! Not even a bad word against Chelsea, the ones who allegedly set up the meeting. So, even if he apologized and said he wants to play for us again, I could never cheer him, because the little prat has stabbed us in the back.
  5. longrufus

    longrufus New Member Elite

    Would be a big mistake.

    We would not receive as much from the transfer as he would only have 1 1/2 years left, and through being cup tied.

    It would then have a knock on effect, any player we would be looking at would also be cup tied, january prices are inflated, and some players dont like moving in January. We are in a perfect position at the minute to strengthen. The money we make could be put to good use on strengthening the team for the new season.

    I dont see exactly what we would gain from doing such a thing either.

    Hopefully a deal will be wrapped up sooner rather than later so we have plenty of time to bring players in. Its an interesting turn of events when Cole left after an hour. Im guessing a lot will be reveiled by the end of the week.
  6. AFCFan4Ever

    AFCFan4Ever New Member

    Spuds are cashed up now after Carrick's deal....since Cashely is pretty much already a Judas, we might as well sell him there. :lol:
  7. OoDy

    OoDy New Member

    Just saw Arsène talking post the Friendly: Schwadorf 1-8 Arsenal and when asked about the latest ****y Cole's news he said nothing new he reported to training today and was $ick!
  8. Hollanda

    Hollanda New Member

    In the dutch press they say that Wenger wants 2 Sell Ca$hly Cole 2 Real Madrid instead 2 Ch€l$€a. Wenger wants to sell him for 18 milion 2 madrid instead of 25 milion 2 chelsea just 2 **** them haha Wenger is right the Mourinho dude mustn't think that he can buy anybody with the chelski money.

    I hope he goes 2 another league so he can't play against Arsenal.
  9. Jameel46

    Jameel46 New Member

    wouldn't it be great if we got £25mil for him, and then his career went down-hill. that's the best outcome of this situation.
  10. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    would it surprise anyone that his career may go downhill with his more frequent injuries (seemingly anyway) and the fact that mourinho rarely lets his FB's past the half way line.
  11. Tarek

    Tarek New Member

    "Sick" meaning? Good or ill?
  12. otfgoon

    otfgoon New Member

    I absolutel dispise Cole and what he has done, but not enough to say I hope his career goes downhill as that just seems a little petty (taking the moral high ground is the way to go). I really dont care what happens to him.

    wenger saying he was sick makes sense since tweedy drove him away.
  13. Jameel46

    Jameel46 New Member

    if he was good, would he leave training? the fact that he left means that he was ill. :roll:
  14. Hollanda

    Hollanda New Member

    He got the gold fever ;-) isn't ill, sick of it all.
    I realy hope Arsenal wins the league title this year :). Chelski has a lot of good players but the ****tie Mourinho let them defend instead of playing for the win so Arsenal must win the League (ah if chelsea doesn't win I am happy 2, is a victory for the Bergkamp/nice football if Chelsea loose).
  15. Ziontrain

    Ziontrain New Member

    The name - and flag in his avatar - would be a hint that he comes from the same country as Obi. They do play football over there actually and Obi played for Plateau United and the national youth teams - which is how he got on the radar of first Man U then Chelsea. Lyn was actually a last resort as he could not legally sign for those teams before age 18.

    He was actually one of the few players in Norwegian league who was a cut above - but that league is 3rd tier, so that isn't saying much. He will have to prove it here at Chelsea.
  16. Hollanda

    Hollanda New Member

    I visited last year the World Cup for under 21 in holland (saw Brazil vs Argentina in de Galgenwaard in Utrecht, Messi was briljant that match and tournament).

    One of the best players of the Tournament was a Arsenal Player: Quincy Owusu Abeyi (left winger from holland). He was briljant an showed a lot of tricks against Japan (unbelievable) but now he is playing in Moscow.

    Jon Obi Mikel was briljant in the under 21 too (couldn't believe all the nigerian players where that young because some dutch coach in nigeria told us that the nigerian television people where laughing because most of the players where actualy much older than 21 but they have a false id/pasport hehe). Jon Obi Mikel was realy a briljant midfielder a natural leader in the field (I was realy impressed when I saw him playing, think it's stupid of Man-U that they sold him 2 Chelsea he is the future midfielder of the world) !!!

    But I hated Obi Mikel because Holland lost with penalties (what's new haha) from Nigeria but after a lot and a lot of penalties (all the players shot and only a few missed even the goal keepers had 2 score some goals and finaly the first penalty taker of Holland, Collins John of Fullham missed his 2nd penalty). A pittie else Holland had been in the final against Argentina.

    But seing Messi (before he was playing in the first team of Barça) was realy incredible what a pace, realy fast and what a goal against Brazil. Brazil under 21 got a realy weak team (only the right back defender with blond long hair, thought he was called/named: Rafael, was good).
  17. I think the board and the manager do genuinely want to keep Cashley and although he is a treacherous and seditious little ****, he is still the best left back in the world. Given that Clichy is injured, Traore isn't ready and Flamini prefers to be in midfield, we're not particularly ready to face a full season with what we may have should Cashley leave.

    So if Cashley met with the board tomorrow, agreed to take out the explosive sections of his 'autobiography', generally tone down the contents of the book and then signed a new contract keeping him at Arsenal for another 4 more years, how would you react to him?

    I won't forget what he's done/doing but I can still forgive him.

    What about you guys?
  18. Legend#1

    Legend#1 New Member Trusted

  19. Legend#1

    Legend#1 New Member Trusted

  20. maxxx

    maxxx New Member

    apparantly he is sick so he didn't train.
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