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🗡 Orndagger 🗡 Benjamin Sesko

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Openda has a ridiculous record this year tbf. What’s he like @jones @NieThePiet

Surely starting for Belgium in the Euros as Lukaku has completed his final stage evolution into a donkey heading to the glue factory.
I like him a lot. Not as involved in overall gameplay but blessed with absolute f*ck off pace, great movement and very nimble feet. Think he would do very well here but Leipzig already paid 50m or so for him, would cost a bomb.

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Unless we're signing a 6'5" winger, I'm not that interested. I'd rather we sign a forward who is a bit older and can score goals consistently. I don't think signing a young, average striker is a good message to send when we could have him blocking the path to minutes for Obi Martin in a couple of years.


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I don't think we need. There are too much similarity between him and Kai.


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£55m is quite a risky punt when you don't know how he translates to the PL. That type of risk works best at teams getting below 70 points imo. They can afford to let him have bad matches while he adapts. Going to a team competing for titles isn't going to work for him or the team. He won't get enough game time to develop and the team can't rely on him.

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50M should be the max for Sesko. Remember it's release clause you have to pay it in one go can't see us taking risk unless we sell well


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Expected him to be one of the first moves wherever at £42 mil. £55/£60+ and I doubt as many will bite.


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If we wanna take a punt on someone a lot cheaper. I would look at Georges Mikautadze of Metz.


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I know he's raw, and I know the thought is there could be a potential diamond in there, but whenever I see highlights of him he just reminds me of someone that's a bit clunky in their movement, almost Bendtner like dare I say. I just don't see it with him as of yet.


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60m sounds mental but then you remember United paid similar money for a striker whose highlight reel consisted of him running into channels.


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If you're not going to get someone who is actually top class, then you get someone who is just good but fills a niche in your squad. Don't see what this guy offers that Havertz doesn't, so hard pass for me.


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60m sounds mental but then you remember United paid similar money for a striker whose highlight reel consisted of him running into channels.
or they paid 100m for a player with 1 goal 1 assist and his main highlights is being an asshole
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