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Callum Wilson


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18 Goals, 15nPG last season, 7 goals and 5npg this season in 700 minutes. Might not be the worst idea for an 18 month contract. I don't think we do it


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Not a sexy signing but could have a trossard type of impact.

He is not bad, and it is different than Jesus and better and more experience than Eddie. When you need to play long and hit fast, he is one of the best, and we seem to be reaching out to that more than often now that we cant seem to score from long slow build-ups since November.

His injury record is terrible, 6 month loan deal with option to buy.

we need bodies, games are going to pile up starting now.



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Decent player and I'd definitely fancy him to contribute more than Eddie for the next few months but any permanent deal would be a terrible idea and I doubt Newcastle would be that interested in a loan if they need FFP sales asap.


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For 8 millions, maybe. For 18 millions, big no. He's 33 years old.


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Good few on here we all said Wilson was injury prone.

Today he's been ruled out for 12 weeks so season over, doubt we ever were even remotely interested in him, people say a bullet dodged, with his luck injury wise he probably be hit by one.

I suggest close the thread.


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No thank you. You listen to his interviews and he's both arrogant and dumb as rocks. He's 31 and has never achieved anything. If we're signing an old player let them at least have a bit of a resume like Jorginho. I would genuinely rather an Nketiah contract extension.


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I'm a fan of the player and I think if the right deal can be struck then we do it, but none of this £20m and 4 year contract BS.

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