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Carabao Cup 4th Round: Liverpool v Arsenal | Wednesday October 30, 19:30 GMT | Sky Sports

Who will go through to the 5th Round?

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I’m not very disappointed with the result, it was such a fantastic game ... so exciting

At the end of the day this cup means nothing to us. At least we saw some attacking football for a change


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Nearly posted a comment about this kind of thing until I saw that Tweet, saying that I wish we had a player who would drag everyone into a huddle in the middle of the field and lay down the law in front of the opposition. Tierney could be that player.

Once he comes out of his shell he will be that player. I work with a lot of Celtic fans and they all say he's a leader.


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what i really want to see is how david luiz would do at DM. played there for chelsea and did well for them. Think i

nah they are not this bad, this is emery purely
Chelsea didn't sell Luiz because he was a peak player in his prime.


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I felt like it was a good penalty by Ceballos, the pool keeper just kept guessing and fully committed to every attempt. Unlike Martinez who only really "tried" on the final penalty.

I was really entertained, and at this point, that's enough.

We really cant defend, so why not just try to replicate this? Just go pedal to the metal and try to outscore the opponents. We have all the firepower in the world, but no defensive structure. Might as well play to our strengths, and the fans would be entertained, win/lose/draw.

Özil needs to play in the league. It was clear that we need his creativity. Can't believe he got subbed.
It was a poor penalty from him. He put it at a height that the keeper is likely to save it if he guesses right. Everyone knows, you either go low or you go high. You never put it in the middle.


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Really? More experienced than Milner, Lallana, Gomez, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Origi? Who might that be? Saka? Willock? Martinez?

Yep. Both had B-teams. We were the away team. A draw is not bad at Anfield.

Torreira & Willock were bad against Guimaraes. Ceballos & Guendouzi changed that game. Not this time, **** happens.


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Tierney Holding Luiz Chambers
Chambers? Have you been watching the last couple of games. And Bellerin is not at the races yet. All our CBs are suspect.

Tierney is our only solid defender at the moment.


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Didnt expect to find myself expecting something from this team. As if all those wenger years havent taught us about bottling leads and making **** teams look like prime barcelona

This seriously might be it. Emery can’t understand that Arsenal can’t sit back and defend a lead. We need to control the ball and the game.


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Positives: Martinelli, Willock and AMN getting some confidence back, Tierney being first choice, Torreira playing deeper.

Negatives: Guendouzi's arrogance, Ceballos simply not being good enough ( not fast, strong and consistent enough on the ball), Bellerin and Holding looking way off the pace (understandable but still), Emery ensuring we play the last 20 in our own box.

A note on Holding. People need to remember that all of his good performances were in a back 3 for us. I think we will buy and keep him as a back up.

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Chambers? Have you been watching the last couple of games. And Bellerin is not at the races yet. All our CBs are suspect.

Tierney is our only solid defender at the moment.
Not saying any of our cbs are brilliant but Chambers and Holding under the right manager and the right set up can be decent options. At the moment, Van Dijk would struggle here.

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I left the room with us ahead with 3 minutes left. I expected to lose as I thought we'd never be in a position to win but to keep throwing matches away is awful. Has any GK saved an important pen since Jens left?


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Still puzzled by who that lady on our bench was, never noticed her before. Arsenal doesn't have the list of staff on their homepage anymore.
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When I first came to Arsenal, I realised the back four were all university graduates in the art of defending. As for Tony Adams, I consider him to be a doctor of defence. He is simply outstanding.

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