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Is The KroenkeOut ūüõ©ÔłŹ going to work?

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Papa Wonga

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My only worry is, has he got the funds to pump out £70m on players and what not.

Surely he has partners or consortium with bare dollar.


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Stanley Enos Kroenke from his W.T. Waggoner Ranch,
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I'm not saying in any shape or form that Emery was a fantastic manager. I'm not saying in the slightest that he shouldn't have been sacked, in fact I've stated the exact opposite that he SHOULD have been sacked without doubt. What I'm arguing is anyone that doesn't like Emery, if anyone was not pleased with the results/performances that Emery presided over THEN THEY HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT AND ALL DO THE SAME FOR ARTETA. I literally said that in my opening reply here:

Yes, and my whole response had to do with the analysis / differences between Em*ry and Arteta, and precisely why one like myself would find Arteta to be a better manager than Em*ry.

The fact is, since December, we have shown a large enough sample of interesting football, a promising project, that we never, ever saw under Em*ry. The results can accompany the football more or less but since December, that is the reality. In terms of control of spaces, control of matches, chances created versus conceded, we have seen something entirely different, qualitatively hugely distinct from anything we saw during any stretch under Em*ry (I can't even think of a 2 or 3 game stretch under Em*ry where we produced interesting and coherent football tactically).

This is really a straight forward and rather obvious statement that anyone who is analysing football at all or watching with some modicum of objectivity should realise. But since we've got such a toxic and fervent atmosphere on this forum, ignoring all context and analysis, well you get what you get.

Again, since the December inclusion of ESR into the team, we have a 19 game sample, in that stretch we have:

1. Man City, 20 GP, 47.86 xPTS, 54 pts
2. Chelsea, 19 GP, 39.98 xPTS, 36 pts
3. Manchester United, 19 GP, 35.96 xPTS, 40 pts
4. Brighton, 20 GP, 35.68 xPTS, 25 pts (1.78 xPTS/g)
5. Arsenal, 19 GP, 33.40 xPTS, 31 pts (1.76 xPTS/g)

So in a considerable sample we have performed to 5th (marginally behind 4th) in a more competitive league environment than Em*ry faced. This is something you simply can't say for any significant sample of Em*ry's reign.

The reason, of course, we talk about these last 19 games, is because we've seen a clear before and after since ESR came into the team, and we finally, quite BELATEDLY (again, despite probably not even one of the geniuses who are now slating Arteta with their pitchforks out, agreeing with me that a 10 was a more important area of need than Thomas in the summer, lol), inserted a link between midfield and attack and player capable of operating in the 10 space. That is, we are not just arbitrarily separating those first 14 games, we are talking about actual things we are witnessing on the pitch, actual phenomenons and trends, and as a reasonable person should do, considering them in our assessment of Arteta and the evolution of our football and project.

If we look at a smaller sample since we acquired ESR--again, looking at trends, because √ėdegaard is a higher level 10 than ESR (again, another thing that a GREAT, great majority of the Arteta haters didn't recognise--seeing a trend here? hmmm), and also allows us to use ESR in other interesting ways and improves our options at left side attacking midfield, we are fourth in xG. Again, trends, all pointing in one direction, if you are willing to look at things with an open and analytic mind, and put down the attitude of a rabid dog for a moment
xPts models had Liverpool last season,(the PL champions at a canter without a shadow of doubt, earliest team to the win the title and the biggest margin between 1st and 2nd when they did it, and anyone that disagrees is a massive spacker) as should have finished distant 2nd less, than a point above Lampards dreadful, dreadful Chelsea side.....

And lo and behold, Liverpool has struggled to come anything close to their pts level of last season. This is why these models are useful. They are talking about underlying performance level, they are getting into the thick of the WHY of things, and not just referring to the superficial, nonsensical crap you guys seem to prefer to talk about here, to suit your rabid dog mentality. Just as Em*ry's Arsenal vastly outperforming our xG ultimately came to show in the second half of 18-19 and especially 19-20...

According to he model YOU'RE using to making these claims, West Ham are outperforming their xPts by 5.43 points. You've just deemed that a big enough overperformance to warrant calling them a "form team". But the likes of Leicester and Everton, two teams you're using a proof of the strength of the league this season compared to Emery's are actually outperforming their xPts by 7.93 and 7.94 respectively. So by YOUR OWN standard, Leicester and Everton are bigger "form teams" than West Ham, so again by YOUR OWN standards that's 3 teams that must to be classed as "form teams".

So even by your own ignorant rational that leaves just Leeds and Villa as "new" competition this season compared to Wolves and Sp**s that Emery was competing with in his 1st season...Oooooh such a strong league....

Indeed, Leicester and Everton are teams vastly outperforming their xG, and who deserve to be lower in the table.

This has nothing to do with what I was talking about, the context of the league. To say anything other than Leicester and Everton are at a higher level of play than they were in Em*ry's 18-19 season is nonsense...Leicester was battling relegation for some of that season, Everton too, lol. Tottenham was also far better than it is now, under Pochettino vs. the joke that is Mourinho.

I don't ignore 14, I mention that I was very much on the fence or ready to give up on him after those 14 games, but that there's been a clear reverse in trend since those games, where we were paying for very poor summer planning (the same summer planning, funnily enough, that many of the geniuses on here, who are now slating Arteta, "applauded"--the majority of the forum wanted to tell me that getting Thomas was more important than a 10, let's not forget...).

(This is relevant, of course, because, ahem, context: up until Arteta installed ESR in the lineup, and after the poor summer planning, I was very much doubting him too as manager; since then he has convinced me).
Where? Because once did you mention that at all in the paragraph you made about those ignoring those 14 games.

Anyways, continue to lap up your likes, it seems that it's very hard to have an actual football discussion in these times.

In the end, the bottom line is we are showing the most coherent and quality football since ESR's insertion and since √ėdegaard's insertion especially that we've seen for a long time as Arsenal fans, and over a significant sample now (19 games, as shown above). Arsenal fans aren't happy because we did much damage to our league campaign in those dreadful first 14 games + results aren't accompanying performance level, but if you're paying attention to what ultimately matters (performance level and quality of project under current management), the trend is very positive, and bodes very well for the future, and is quite different to anything we saw under Em*ry.

People won't be happy until that shows up in tangible results, and that's fine. I'll continue to pay attention to the trends and performance level and I'll let you guys have your rabid dog mentality and your pitchforks. Ultimately a good project and a good manager, eliciting a good performance level, with a good direction, always bears its fruit (just as the opposite was true with Em*ry), and I'm confident if we continue in this way, as we've shown in these last 19 games, we have a very positive and exciting future, ie it will bear fruit. In the meantime kneejerkers will kneejerk, angry rabid fans will be angry rabid fans, and it does not make too much sense to try to insert quality, detail, and analysis into a discussion when people aren't really interested in it, and in the case of many here, even much able to understand it (as pointed out, I'm arguing against many of the same people who have been consistently wrong about everything, from who we should target in summer, to what type of player Thomas was, to √ėdegaard not being a good signing or somehow not as good as ESR, to crying about not using mediocre players like Willock or not selling a player we absolutely should have sold in AMN, to rating extremely limited players like Holding or Pepe, to how Arteta would use his players this season--people who said that Arteta couldn't move to a 4-3-3 in season, lol, or wouldn't use Auba as a 9, haha...the list is literally endless, and the majority of this forum has been wrong consistently on about all of it).

You carry on and give the people what they want. ūüĎć History has shown that what A-M consensus says has little to do with the reality of things, and usually is an indicator in the other direction.


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Why would they think twice? I don't think they are going to sell unless more money offered.

Because if the ESL is not happening, then the 1.8B can be invested elsewhere and make far better returns. At the moment, Arsenal is not making money, and if the fans start turning nasty then owning Arsenal would not be worth their while.


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@Camus re: league environment I am surprised this is even a discussion...in 18-19 you had:

Negative differences re: league strength:
-much worse Manchester United
-similar level Chelsea, City
-similar Wolves
-Much worse Everton, Leicester, West Ham
-Quality competitors this season, like Aston Villa, Leeds, not even in the league, allowing teams that are currently either relegated or farther down the league toward the drop zone, like Watford, Palace, and Newcastle to occupy midtable positions

Positive differences re: league strength:
-Tottenham with Poch vs. current with Mou
-Worse Liverpool, basically have traded positions with United in terms of the 4-10 argument

I can't really believe there's even a discussion here. We're talking about clear and obvious league trends, but because...well, agenda, and the avoid all context at all costs philosophy prevalent, for some reason I am made to sound like a mad man for bringing it up...
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Can't see them entertaining £1.8b if that is the offer. Would need to be double that imo. Interesting to see if Dangote get involved, or makes a move after the first bid.


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What will the Arsenal legends that Ek teamed up with be doing exactly, assuming this goes through?

Will they be joining his board, is he making them the coaching team, are they just there to build up support for the takeover?


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I dont think he will accept 1.8 nah, but between 2.2-2.5 would rightly get it done with pressure.
I have seen 2b branded about and according to forbes last month the value is 2.8b so god knows, between 2-3 roughly would be the cost. Still can't see him selling though unfortunately, unless something silly came in or if the protests went to another level if you like. Lets hope.

Papa Wonga

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£1.8bn still sees him take away a nice £1bn in profit.

But as someone else rightly pointed out, I see him coming to the table at £2BN, and probaly sell for 2.25/2.5

Unless he's obviously adamant it's NFS then well we can all dream.


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Kroenke probably waiting on Europa League before making a decision. Hope they fire Arteta and bring in new management.

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