"doing it" for aaron...did we for eddie?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by scruzgooner, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. dyeruz

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    what a nonsense! What so are Eduardos feelings hurt because of this campaign? As I recall he got massive sympathy from the club and fans with their get well wishes. Silly.
  2. True Gooner

    True Gooner New Member Elite

    I don't think the two situations can be compared. We've actually come a long way from the day Eduardo snapped his ankle.

    For one, back the unity within the squad was questionable. Apart from Gallas you had Hleb who wanted a move, Flamini who wouldn't commit, Gilberto who was treated badly, Lehmann who I'm sure was resentful at being asked to step down three games into the season and Adebayor not getting along with Bendtner.

    Moreover the depth of our squad was shocking. I know that we've got a few problems these days but it's still considerably better than back then. The more I think about it I feel we over achieved in 2008. We had the likes of Senderos playing vital games in the CL, Sagna's injury meant an out of form Toure was covering at RB and Eboue + Diaby were allowed to dictate play from the wings.

    Also, not winning that game was a massive blow. I think that really drove the nail home.
  3. Biggus

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    I don't think so Anzac, Gallas as captain was a ticking time bomb and would have exploded sooner or later as the run in got tougher and tougher.

    I really think Fabregas is more intelligent more popular and respected by the players and is turning into a fine captain.
    Irrespective of Wengers spin and bollocks about there being 11 captains on the pitch and no one is more important than the others, I think it is important to have one player especially that all the others look up to.
    Thats why I think it's different this time.
  4. General

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    Anzac has a point. Had we won the Brum game things would've almost certainly turned out differently. I can understand if Gallas's actions didn't sit well with some but I think it is harsh to suggest that he would've exploded sooner or later. He contributed significantly in digging us out of a few holes in the direct aftermath of Brumgate - notably away to Bolton with ten men and 0-2 down. He's a bit of a sensitive guy but there is no doubt about his will to win and the fact that he subsequently moved up a gear with his displays is a true mark of his character and professionalism. The cynics believed he was only doing it to attract suitors but he’s still here 2 years on and still committed to the cause. Any lingering doubts regarding his dedication should've been dispelled here and it would be a real shame if he’s not offered the extension he deserves.
  5. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    And thats why he applauded all the players in the media and in turn was supported by them in the dressing room, his charisma was the uniting force that welded us into and unbeatable unit.
    Wenger rightly rewarded him by keeping him as capi and right hand man on the pitch.

    Oh wait........
  6. qs

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