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Ethan Nwaneri: Se Queda


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He is conning our football club baby, sending us down the depths for his greed and his selfishness. Okay!

No seriously tho why won’t he sign


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Once again, can't blame a 16 year old for this decision. It's clearly his parents and agent that are pushing for the move. Who knows what has been offered as compensation. At the end it's a business and they gotta think about what's best for them.


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I think he is making a mistake, or rather that he is ill-advised, but it is their choice to make, not ours.

He probably realise that he never will get a fair chance. Arteta do not want to use the youth players, not even when he have nothing to lose. We will see more ambitious kids leave the club because of the manager.


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I'm sure I'll struggle racking my brain over who he is when we randomly play Leyton Orient in the League Cup five years from now.


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It’s a shame but it is what it is. We have other great youngsters in the academy who will get their chance soon


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He is 16 years old. This is sign of how crazy the game has become. Eve kids get hyped and followed before they do something

We had way better 16 year olds who didn’t do much later on. This kid is not wilshere or pennant as 16 year old. The club gave him minutes to get compensation if he leaves. Not because he deserved it in anyway


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The days have gone where the young players cleaned the senior players boots and picked up rubbish from the stands after match day that's for sure!


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The days have gone where the young players cleaned the senior players boots and picked up rubbish from the stands after match day that's for sure!
Thank god for that. I wouldn’t clean another man’s boots as a way to humble me


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Lol how can you leave the club with the youngest squad in the PL? There is literally no place better for him to succeed.


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His parents are getting terrible advice. He has the talent to potentially make it anywhere but we have the clearest first team pathway. Extremely short sighted to chase money at this stage, which is peanuts compared to a first team salary.


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Let’s see what he does tomorrow against Man City u18. Think they will get schooled


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Not because he is going. But I never saw this generational talent people kept talking about. He is a good talent, but I just don’t see this woow factor. It all stems from getting couple of minutes as business decision rather than a 15 year old being so good he gets minutes for first team
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