Expectations For The 21/22 Season

Expecations for the season

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@HairSprayGonners told me our squad is dogshit but he voted top four.

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Must have had some faith in Arteta last season. :lol: His predictions on Arsenal are about as good as his predictions in the Euros.


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If bring in a decent CM to partner Partey and a decent RB, then we become a lock for for top 6.


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Minimum required this season is a top 6 finish. The likes of Leicester and West Ham finishing above Arsebal is unacceptable.

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I've sobered up a little... top 6 it is then, ideally 5th.

What I need most though, is proper progressive football. Not this rubbish we watched so far under Arteta.


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All teams will struggle at different points in the season. Small runs of form will be the norm. As long as I can see some consistency in our play and team selection I will be happy. I hope we use the absence of European football to our advantage in the league and go strong to win the League and FA Cup. I'd want the strongest team possible to instill a winning mentality in the squad early on and hope that momentum can carry forward into the latter parts.


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The club has been investing 5th for 6 years now. If not winning the title was enough for the fans to run Arsène out of town, and not getting the boards target of top 4 was enough to sack UnaI then why should this guy steal a living outside the champions league?

Top 4 or get somebody experienced in who knows what they’re doing.


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I don't think we have the squad to challenge Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Liverpool even with 2-3 strong signings. We also have a worse manager than 3 of those clubs, that isn't beating on Mikel but Pep, Klopp and Tuchel are 3 of the best managers in the World.

I would take some decent football, in with a sniff of top 4 for most of the season but ultimately not quite have enough consistency and quality. Without Europe there is no excuse for not going for it with a strong team in both domestic cup competitions.

Anything below 6th, which would probably mean finishing below Sp**s and Leicester again would be a major disappointment and one Mikel shouldn't survive.


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Unless there's some big signings coming later in the transfer window I'm expecting us to finish around 8-6th. If Auba hits form again and Pepe starts firing then maybe top 4.


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With no extra European fixtures I think we'll finish 5th or 6th. If we see more entertaining football though, no more constant rotation and a heavy challenge for top 4 being made then I could see a reason for Arteta to continue in his role.

If we see the same eye bleedingly dull, methodical football from the vast majority of last season, with poor results on top of that then he has to go. The ball's in his court.

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