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Fabio Vieira: The Portuguese Project


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His best position is also the best position of Ødegaard. Long-term the question is whether both can play together productively or does the talent of one defeat the other.


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Played two minutes since the WC, bit worrying.

Seems Arteta has no faith in him.


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Think Mikel is just a bit weird and doesn’t trust a sub unless they’re on the same level as his starters.

We saw the same thing happen with Pepe too and him and Vieira are polar opposites. You won’t see Mikel’s final form until he has a squad like Pep’s.


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Indeed. Yet another Teta signing that Teta refuse to use.
If you cost 40 million and after months the manager thinks you can’t add anything going forward it’s really bad. Kids from South America gets minutes for Brighton to add something. Today we could do with a sub


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40 million project waste of money
Should have spent that money on a talented and athletic CDM. It's obvious Sambi and El neny are not good enough if anything happens to Partey. Also think we can do better than Xhaka. He has been good this season, but someone more agile, technically gifted and dynamic in that position would make the team nearly unbeatable when everyone is healthy.


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Was never going to be trusted against one of the more physical sides. Tbh I don’t see many matches where he’ll be able to show his talent with his current physique.


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Didn't strike me as a Arteta signing, rather one backed by data or something. Fairly certain he wasn't a starter for Porto.


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Player: Saka
People who questioned this signing at the expense of a wide player were shouted down in the summer.
Thought we needed a CM. We have a lot of talented wingers in the academy that can do a job if we face injuries or fatigue.


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I don't get the complain. We are here thanks to Arteta. Trust him he knows what he is doing. Or hopefully, he learns from his mistakes :lol: Anyway, there is no point in complaining about him. The one that we should get rid of is Sambi though

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