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FC Barcelona: Mess Que Un Club

Rex Stone

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Barca is a political minefield for any manager.

By all accounts the current Barca president didn't really want Xavi, as he was closely aligned with a presidential rival at one point.

He's been running around briefing the press off the record that he wanted to promote Marquez from the B team, for half the season.

De Zerbi is a decent manager but I fear he'll get chewed up and spat out at Barca.

You need someone super experienced but also the club has a lot of young players so you’d need someone dynamic and not over the hill.

Really tough hire for them so agree on De Zerbi. Likely to be Flick though which I think is a bizarre choice in all honesty.


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Someone needs to go and get Gavi

Nah allow getting these La Masia kids man the second Barca find some more levers to pull they’ll start simping for a move back home at some F1 track and start chatting about DNA like they some CSI style forensic biologist mfker. Fk em. Let them rot there.

I’m not bitter about anyone btw I swear.


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Xavi being sacked this weekend 😂
His comments about not being able to buy who they want anymore made Laporta a bit angry.


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I've always preferred Madrid because of R9, Roberto Carlos and Zizou and I developed a real hatred for Barca with their constant tapping Fabregas up but much like it's a shame what the Glazers have done to United, this is also a shame. Cruyff built something that was pure and had a real class about it and this man Laporta is turning them into a side show. What he did with Ronaldinho was masterful but you can't live off of that forever. They've lost their credibility and their class.


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I can't believe there are clubs that haven't realised yet that Flick is a complete fraud. The perfect example of a coach being in the right place at the right time when he got carried to all those trophies by a Bayern team firing on all cylinders.

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