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  1. Proof

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    I'm in division 9 but I bought the game 3 days ago. This is the first time I'm playing Ultimate Team and I'm quite impressed. I'm making a French team and I already have Koscielny, Cheyrou and Gourcuff. I'm a PS3 owner by the way.
  2. Enoch

    Enoch Guest

    EA are very smart on how they tricked people on getting this game this year. What was one of the things? They added a super cool scouting system so you can buy 14-16 year old players and to top that off, we'll throw in a youth academy so you have somewhere to place you're young players, but guess what, the game is only 15 seasons long! So while you go out and buy a wonder kid to build, by the time he hits his best years the game will end, brilliant stuff EA, brilliant stuff.
  3. 1macca1

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    13th season in head-to-head leagues and in Div 1, I had an average 1st half to the season but won my next 5 matches to claim my first League Title. I've been playing with Brazil and with T.Silva and Lucio at CB the opposition rarely get a chance at goal and with Neymar, Pato and Hulk up front I'm guaranteed goals.

    Thinking about starting an UT but was wondering how long it takes to get a decent team and what's the best way to get players (packs/auctions)?
  4. MaestroCesc

    MaestroCesc New Member

    Im in division one and i have just won it. I am not even that good a player, i kept on getting relegated from div 1 but then i started playing as bayern and my record is 20 wins 1 loss and a few draws. They are amazing , every area of their team is quality. Robben is a beast too
  5. Armor for Sleep

    Armor for Sleep New Member Elite

    Haven't been online for months - how much of a difference does the new patch make? Did it change the gameplay at all?
  6. 1macca1

    1macca1 New Member Trusted

    Munich are good to play with but if you play against another good player with quality forwards then the CB's get torn to shreds so I don't play with them much.

    Haven't noticed a difference but I didn't play online much before the patch. I hate going back to playing against the computer now, so infuriating that no matter who you verse they barely make a single mistake so it takes ages to get the ball back.
  7. Armor for Sleep

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    I hated this game at first, found the AI way too good. I was used to winning comfortably enough on legendary but in 12 i had to play world class. I found the AI way too hard to dispossess and the tackling infuriating.

    Played a few friendlies lately and seem to be getting to grips a bit with the defending, the key for me is to be patient because when i try and win the ball too early i end up getting taken apart. I'll go online later and get the update before starting a new season. Might go for Dortmund or maybe Newcastle.
  8. iced22

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    Funny thing about me: I'm in Division 3 and can beat some of my Division 1 friends easily at times.

    Yet I couldn't lift a finger against any AI higher than professional.

    Is this normal? Or am I just weird/incredibly lucky?
  9. kingcarmelo

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    Just used to your friends game play patterns I would say mate.
  10. Armor for Sleep

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    Finally got online going in my room after numerous attempts (its a long house!). I thought the divisions thing was some kind of competition you enterd but obviously it has just the new format for ranked matches.

    In division 9 now, got promoted after 5 games. Have to say the game has grown on me - didn't like it at all at first.
  11. 1macca1

    1macca1 New Member Trusted

    Are you 360 or ps3, Armor?
  12. say yes

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    I don't bother playing against the computer at all in this version - they are just ridiculous.
  13. Armor for Sleep

    Armor for Sleep New Member Elite

    ps3 yo - gibbo300 if anyone wants a game.
  14. TheLoneFalcon

    TheLoneFalcon Cake Addict

    Armor and anyone else interested, there may be another draft soon. Check usual site for info, contact Shue if you're a newbie.
  15. Armor for Sleep

    Armor for Sleep New Member Elite

    Even if i was interested, Nuts has banned me :lol:
  16. TheLoneFalcon

    TheLoneFalcon Cake Addict

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