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  1. Garrincha

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    Prime Thierry out... Requires about 12 squads including 88 rated, 89 rated & three icons. :(

    Guess I am waiting for Crespo. Thierry not worth that especially with his composure & balance stats.
  2. Jack_The_Lad

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    Got him in the first week and he's performing marvelously with a maestro chemistry! 33 games - 45 goals and 20 assists, all in the weekend league as well :) him and Mbappe otw are unstoppable really!

    currently sporting this team:

    Van der Sar 89
    Valencia - Bailly - Kosc - Sandro
    Kante - Matuidi
    Fekir (sub him off for reus)
    Mbappe otw Henry 93

    really looking forward to monthlies tonight. Hoping for Pogba if, would be unreal and would mean I don't have to sub Fekir
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  3. asukru

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