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Discussion in 'The Arsenal Academy Page' started by M+D, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Nela

    Nela New Member

    Our young generation of players seem really tall. JET is supposed to be huge, but he doesn't really standout much next to the rest of his teammates.
  2. Meatwad

    Meatwad New Member

    it's good to see that james shea grew because he use to be a short keeper, now he's at least 6'2" based on that pic.
  3. ricky1985

    ricky1985 Active Member Elite

    Not only has he grown, but I think he's come on leaps and bounds in the last 12 months or so. I really rate him as someone who has a chance of contributing at Arsenal in the future.
  4. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    Tbf JET does look like he's standing a pace or two behind the rest of them in that photo :lol:

    Good to hear Arsenal dominate a decent United side, with Lansbury, Nordtveit and JET all standing out. Also typical of Afobe to hear he consistently got in behind the Utd defence, times his runs brilliantly. Wellington's goal was very well taken too apparently.
  5. Pepe LeFrits

    Pepe LeFrits New Member Elite

    That team is bigger than our first team.

    Who is the chap between Eastmond and Lansbury?
  6. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    That's Wellington Silva, Pepe.
  7. Pepe LeFrits

    Pepe LeFrits New Member Elite


    Wouldn't be an Arsenal team without at least one shrimp!
  8. Godsend_Gooner

    Godsend_Gooner New Member

    Wellington I am guessing.

    Lansbury looks like a mean mofo. Our Centrebacks are huge. Miquel-6'4", Bartley- 6'3" and Nordveit- 6'2". We might not have problems aerially in a few years time if these guys make it. 8))
  9. -Shaun-

    -Shaun- New Member

    Can't find Wellington Silva's goal from the other night anywhere. Here's JET's penalty anyway. Took it well.
  10. KY

    KY New Member

    Maybe JET has his knees bent. :D
  11. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    Arsenal about to kick off against Shamrock Rovers.
  12. ivansen

    ivansen New Member

    Are you watching? Can't find a stream myself.
  13. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    There won't be a stream mate. Doesn't look to be a live update service either.

    Wellington and Lansbury are starting and that's basically all I know.
  14. ivansen

    ivansen New Member

    Ok, thanks.
  15. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    Arsenal 2-0 up already, Lansbury and JET the scorers.
  16. Pepe LeFrits

    Pepe LeFrits New Member Elite

    Bah, beaten to it!
  17. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    :lol: 3-0, Mark Randall this time.
  18. ivansen

    ivansen New Member

    We're getting a trophy!
  19. Pepe LeFrits

    Pepe LeFrits New Member Elite

    Double season here we come.
  20. M+D

    M+D New Member Trusted

    3-1. The comeback is on for Shamrock Rovers...

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