Jermaine Pennant (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Triffid, Jul 23, 2004.

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  1. Stim

    Stim New Member Elite

    I would be a bit disappointed if we sold him without giving him a real run of games..
  2. sharpgunner

    sharpgunner New Member

    dun let pennant go

    i will be really disappointed if pennant is allowed to leave. I think the guy will really make it big if he is given a chance. He has alreadi proven himself at leeds. I dunno wat it takes for wenger to give him a chance. He certainly looks like he can do the job better than ljunberg given that he may not score more goals. but he can help to create more!!!
  3. Rocafella

    Rocafella New Member

    I think he is already or has the potential to be a goal getter. Remember the 6-1 thrashing of S'oton where he got his first ever premiership start and grabbed himself a hat-trick. It would be a shame if he left without getting a good run of games. He didn't do too badly at Leeds in what was a struggling team
  4. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    Umm... He is stating he wants to stay. Where does he say he keeping his options open? He said he is fighting for his place and a contract so what more do you want him to say?
  5. Asterix

    Asterix New Member Elite

    I think he has promise but it's interesting that Wenger hasn't used him much. Wenger has shown he's happy to give youth a go if he feels they're up to it - Cesc for instance - but Pennant hasn't had much of a run. So what does that say?

    Still, we need him for squad depth as much as anything. Good luck to him.
  6. Clarkey

    Clarkey New Member

    What I meant was his options are still open for next season.
  7. zodos

    zodos New Member

    Unfortunately guys I would have to disagree. Remember we believed in him enough to pay Notts County £2 million (a record for a 15 yr old). The fact is that he has not lived up to expectations. Yes, he has the occasional good game, but is not good enough to replace Freddie. At the beginning of the season, I was rooting for him to replace Freddie and Wenger did give him a chance, but he didn't grab it.

    We need him as a cover for Freddie, but if we are going to get someone else like Shaun WP, then I would be happy to see him leave.

    My fear is that we keep selling our "cover" players and then start scouting the world for replacements - Richard Wright, Matt Upson and Votz come to mind!
  8. KingReyes

    KingReyes New Member Trusted

    Jermaine Pennant

    I had no idea we would be getting compensation for Pennant which looks likely that he's off to Brum. Anyways at least its better than nothing and will add to our kitty. :wink:

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  9. n_henry

    n_henry New Member

    Good luck to Jermaine. 3 mil for him is not bad at all. :D
  10. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    Yeah, I saw this. No idea why we're getting cash in this deal either, but if someone offers 3 mil for him, I'd bite their hand off!
  11. turtle

    turtle New Member

    Re: 3 million for Pennant?

    I think it's not compensation, it's Pennant's wage they are talking about. We get nothing.
  12. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    Re: 3 million for Pennant?

    No it's not.

  13. turtle

    turtle New Member

    Oh I missed that part. Just couldn't believe we could get anything from Pennant. :shock:
  14. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    It might just be wrong - I thought Pennant was out of contract, and thus available on a free?!?
  15. brianfrance

    brianfrance New Member Elite

    A 22 years old in prison, for 3M£...he must be highly-rated...
  16. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    he's only in jail for another month or so... (they will let him out early).. but I just can't see anyone paying $3 million for a player who is out of contract in the summer... unless they think that someoone else will snap him up before they do...
  17. Mista Edit

    Mista Edit New Member

    Its compenstion as he is a young play (under 23), the same thing will happen if someone trys to buy a young player like routledge who is out of contract. It prevents young players running out there contract and moving for free.
  18. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    Aaaah... ok... Alles klar.
  19. PolishGooner

    PolishGooner New Member Elite

    I dont understand why we would get a penny for a player who is out of contact? anyone could explain that?
  20. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    Mista Edit just did.
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