Mesut Özil: 2019/20 Performances

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by razörist, Aug 9, 2019.


Why Isn't Özil Playing?

  1. Simple. Isn’t played for tactical reasons.

  2. Simple. Isn’t played because he isn’t good enough

  3. Falling out with Arteta for some reason

  4. Being frozen out in an effort to get him to leave. Arteta’s hands are tied

  5. Because he didn't take a pay-cut

  6. Personal reasons

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  1. Oxeki

    Oxeki New Threads, Old Tweets

    If his performance against West Ham is what you classify as a top performance, then Özil is really a bum.

    He was average at best vs west ham and all of a sudden his band of merry man now use that as a reference point for a top performance :rofl:

    The guy's only too performance in 2 years is vs Leicester which is pathetic IMO.

    meanwhile we have two teenagers how have had multiple top games for us already this season than Özil has had for us in the past two years
  2. Oxeki

    Oxeki New Threads, Old Tweets

    That's just another excuse added to the litany of excuses that has been trotted out for Özil by his die-hards in recent years.

    Özil is not playing well because of Raul :lol: :rofl:

    What next? Kia instructed Özil not to play well?

    It's quite disgusting that the pay cut issue actually got a lot of his die-hards on here riled up ffs.

    A Multi millionaire was asked to take a pay cut yet giving out some bullshit about transparency and pleading poverty, when All but 2 of his teammates have already taken pay cuts.

    With the ferocity he was being defended on here by his fans you'd think most them were his financial advisor.

    Don't even get me started on on those his pathetic tweets and posts on social Media.

    Get him out ASAP
  3. Mraven

    Mraven Well-Known Member

    read my post again, then answer. Not once did I say top performance.
  4. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    I hardly post anything at all lately.
  5. Camus

    Camus Well-Known Member

    Don't think there's any "maybe" about it. He's without question not performed anywhere near consistently enough since he signed for us.

    Also I'm not sure how any of this is "pantomime" or "hyperbole" since the exact same criticisms levelled at Özil today were also levelled at him in literally every one of the 7 seasons he's been with us.
  6. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Most probably still posting in this thread slagging off his performances because he was still ****?
  7. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Has Never Seen Our New Signings Play

    You’re debating with a certified clown.
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  8. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    At this stage, he's just an annoyance more than anything. He's incapable of producing anything remotely justifying the stupid wages that are hampering the budget and even when he does put in one decent shift out of 10, you know that A) another listless performance is just around the corner and B) the constant discussion about his silly wages and what he does or doesn't offer is just going to rage on. I'm just tired of hearing about him to be honest. There's nothing about the Mesut Özil of 2020 that really warrants the level of attention he's given.
  9. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Has Never Seen Our New Signings Play

    He played well under Arteta though? Also think he was 2nd in terms of ground covered.
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  10. Oxeki

    Oxeki New Threads, Old Tweets

    You said he was "pulling strings" in our win against West Ham when he was without a doubt our worst offensive player in that game.

    The way you said it, you'd think he dominated the game and KDB-esque in the game :lol:

    You didn't say he had a "top performance" but you implied it with your "pulling the string" stuff
  11. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    We got outplayed in that match, until out of nowhere we scored 3 goals in like 5 minutes or something...don't think Özil was that involved in any of them either.

    It's funny everytime we lose without playing Özil or playing well, everyone forgets the numerous times in the last few years we have also lost with Özil playing and also not playing well at all :lol:
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  12. freeglennhelder2

    freeglennhelder2 Well-Known Member

    Arent you tired of it all? What do the specifics of this particular drama matter? Even if you get to the bottom of it, there will be another issue waiting in the wings to appear in a few weeks.

    We are riding the tail end of a loveless arranged marriage. Özil was always the reluctant bride, forced into the union by his father (agent at the time of the transfer)
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  13. Oxeki

    Oxeki New Threads, Old Tweets

    Özil was actually replaced by saka in the lineup and he was our most dangerous player. Do t know what you're moaning about.

    You really care more about Özil playing than Arsenal winning ffs
  14. Oxeki

    Oxeki New Threads, Old Tweets

    Yeah, bro. I'm a clown that actually want the best for this club, not for some overpaid cry baby who hasn't given us at least two or three good games in two years
  15. gamechannel

    gamechannel Active Member

    So far none of them have made a single constructive case for why Willock or Cebellos or Nelson is a better option for us in a game like yesterday specially as a sub. They all just keep going after his high wage as if he pointed a gun to the board's head to give him that high salary.
    He absolutely is Raul's ***** if he's doing his bidding for him. One day Özil os dropped for tscgical reason, next day he's not fit and ready. Next day he's in the squad. Boy, that Özil sure has some magical physical powers to get fit in a day's time!!!

    From playing every game under Arteta to being dropped after refusing a paycut, its no rocket science to figure out who is the ***** and who's the master.

    Again, you may resort to labels like fangirls etc to make your point when you don't actually have any defense for the fact that this Özil drama is clu
    Well, Arsenal sure won the game, didn't they?

    Again, you're too thick to get ot through your head. I was referring to the subs. You bring Özil on, shift Saka wide on the LW and move Auba centrally to see if you can get the lead back. So Saka, as well as he did, can stay on, exploit the LW where Auba is ineffective and used centrally where he's more effective.

    I never said Özil should have started. But you're too thick to see that cuz in your mind, I am an Özil fanboy cuz I'm not following the anti-Özil narrative.
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  16. Mraven

    Mraven Well-Known Member

    Not sure I would trust your judgement. We won 1-0
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  17. Riou

    Riou Non-Stop Nostalgia

    ****, forgot we played them at home already...my bad :lol:

    Can't remember anything else from that game, other than VAR trying desperately to not award us Laca's goal if i'm honest.
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  18. Oxeki

    Oxeki New Threads, Old Tweets

    But the point stands
  19. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Has Never Seen Our New Signings Play

    I want him to leave, I’m hoping the club and his people can come to an arrangement, maybe a loan, maybe a pay off.

    But if people talk about problems and issues, then what are those? You have to ask, because nothing has come out.
  20. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Has Never Seen Our New Signings Play

    Your posting on Özil has always been dubious. You’ve actually been exposed quite abit, you’re nothing but a hater.
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