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Non-Arsenal Transfer Thread: January 2023

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So it's a done deal at this point. Messi and Busquets are going to play together next season.

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Ajax won't sell Kudus cheap. Any team would be asked to pay around 100m imo.


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Ajax won't sell Kudus cheap. Any team would be asked to pay around 100m imo.
Would be some turnaround if they did. He was close to going on loan to Everton with an option to buy a few months ago. The lad has has a good few months, I mentioned him in the Wishlist thread.


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I'm not convinced Nkunku is gonna bang goals like he does in bundes tbh. At least not first season.

I do wonder that, considering transfers like Werner and Sancho. Nkunku is quality though, but again is he what Chelsea need? They need a CF for sure, and also a CM, more than they need an AM.
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