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Non-Arsenal Transfers Thread: Summer 2022

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I don't know if these are accurate but if they are then wow, absolute insanity and mismanagement on an epic scale.

I would dismiss it as nonsense but this is the club that paid Messi 瞿1m per week.

Honestly makes our wages paid to the likes of Cedric, Mari, Runnarson look like a pittance!

Also anyone seriously suggesting FDJ please give your head a shake.

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I think their wage bill got messed up by the gravitational pull of Messi (and I think he was actually on 瞿1.6m/week not including signing on bonus). But yeah the whole thing is no excuse, total mismanagement from top to bottom and it's shameful how they're acting now


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Its the best we can hope for

That being said its just my view and i respect religion for the good it does in the world

Am I right in believing youre Swedish? No wonder your countries going down the pan fast. Its largely because of this kind of goofy attitude. ^^^ No offence.


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Good. Defo wouldnt want to see Auba for Chelsea. De Jong though I do just because itll be hilarious to mock United fans. Plus center mid is probably Chelseas strongest position anyway so dont see De Jong moving the needle for them that much.

Auba would though.

There is a lot of talk about Barca selling him, but I would still be very surprised.

He's at an age now were he is probably happy to be backup at a team like Barca, especially to someone as good as Lewa, who he knows from Dortmund and seems to want to play with again...seems the type of guy that would agree to a wage decrease too to help them out, as he always wanted to play for 1 of the big 2 in Spain.

Also as I said...if they wanted Pierre to go, surely they wouldn't have announced his squad number change to 17 yesterday.

They know they need to move a few players on, if Auba was one of them I imagine they would have took his number of him or left him with 25 until he goes...like they have done with Depay, Umtiti etc.

Can't see why they would allow him to get a new number, if they intended to just sell him a few days later, would be pointless.

Pretty convinced he stays.


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Am I right in believing youre Swedish? No wonder your countries going down the pan fast. Its largely because of this kind of goofy attitude. ^^^ No offence.

I am Swedish, nothing particular wrong with my country. Yes, we are having problems in particular areas of society but its not close enough for going down the pan. Also i dont believe atheism is a goofy attitude at all


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@UpTheGunnerz @sergio_giorgini and others.

Lets keep this transfer related. Religious talk can be done in the general discussion thread.
I suppose when the club finally finds Jesus, and has 3 angel Gabriel's and a Mohammed, some crossover is inevitable. Makes sense that we were targetting Tammy Abraham before he went the eternal city. Needing a goalscoring winger, perhaps Noah Okafor (who looks quality) should be a target?
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