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only on loan they interested they in CL ffs where does these clubs money go?


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only on loan they interested they in CL ffs where does these clubs money go?
Why pay money when you can loan. All these clubs have money. They only want to part with it when they have to.

If someone gave you the use of a reliable car every year for free, all you had to do was put the petrol in it why would you ever buy one?

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Yes does make sense but Saliba will still behind Gabriel Holding and White even if people don't rate Holding he still proven PL player and Saliba isn't.
That's fine, we can slowly integrate Saliba and if he's as talented as we think he'll replace Holding soon enough.

Wouldn't get rid of Mari on loan, though, he's a useful 4th choice. Either we sell him with a profit or he stays as a useful servant.


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Would happily move on Mari, even if its just a loan, what club needs two lefties at CB? If things get that bad, I would risk Tierney at CB and play Tavares. FFS, move him on, he's been okay but he and Holding shouldn't be in the pecking order above Saliba or Gabriel.


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I doubt Besiktas can afford him unfortunately. Don't really have a problem with Mari as a backup, he's clearly 4th choice and not a calamity like others we've had in the past. Decent defender really. I'd be in favour of this if it means giving Saliba a shot in the team as 3/4th choice though. He won't expect to be a starter and should still get enough minutes to be worthwhile.

Seems unlikely but would be in favour of it happens.
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