PL: Fulham vs Arsenal | 11/09/04

Discussion in 'Match Day Archive' started by gooner, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Evil Dragon

    Evil Dragon New Member

  2. Evil Dragon

    Evil Dragon New Member

    Hmm that works interesting :?: :|
  3. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    Has anyone else noticed something in comparison to last season or other previous seasons? We're converting our chances. Often last season you'd see an Arsenal player - a lot of the time Ljungberg - run into the box and the shot would be scuffed or whatever. Arsenal seem so precise this season that it's no wonder we're banging them in for fun at the moment.
  4. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    3-0 to The Arsenal!!! :mrgreen:
    Reyes keeps his goal in every game run going, Freddie picks up one thanks to Henry! Congrats boys, the unbeaten run rolls on!
  5. Gazza Martinez

    Gazza Martinez New Member Elite

    Thats great to hear. I agree in the first half of last season we seemed grossly inept in front of goal, despite creating ample opportunities to score. Being more clinical will be essential if we want succeed in the CL this season.
  6. kanuuu

    kanuuu New Member

    Wow again somebody comes off the bench to score, it's happened every game so far! We didn't do it once last season.
  7. huyha123

    huyha123 New Member

    actually i think at the begin, the final pass a bit too fast. pires pass to Ljungberg while we have 5 players against only 3 of them. unbelievable strong and quick.

    cole too. where is the curling ball???? he past it straight to the goal. in hell will Ljungberg got to that ball?

    anyway, Cygan play well today. Lehmann super. he just so good. so calm.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    We were **** today, well at least for the first 60 minutes with Pires and Vieira being the worst.

    It was one of those Arsenal away performances that come along from time to time where we look tired, or uninterested and just poor.

    But we usually draw these games 1-1, Bolton and Everton away were similar last year, but Fulham put us under even more pressure. To win this game 3-0 is a great step forward - luck obviously played a part but so did a little Spanish guy.

    And as for all this bollocks over this 'penalty' that talkshit is spouting - to me it wasnt a pen. The ref gave it - but quite rightly ash and pat made the ref realise he made a mistake, he asked the lino who told him what happened and he made the right decision. He should be congratulated for doing this if anything. I dont know if it was a pen, havent seen a replay but my first impression was no pen so well done ref.

    And all these Fulham mongs who keep ringing up, all of whom have no clue what so ever all forget that Voltz nearly cut Henrys leg off in one of the most obvious pens I have ever seen. And as for their goal - the guy had arms on Kolo and in todays game you cant do that.

    But when Reyes came on it was all over. I said to the guy next to me I guarantee you when Jose comes on we will take the piss 4-0. I was one out. What a player.

    Special mentions to Jens and Cygan today who had great games. Jens seems to have sorted out his temper which was his major flaw, and now looks like another AW master stroke (especailly in light of Howard throwing two in the back of his net today, who is supposed to be the best keepers in the league :lol: ). I still have no confidence what so ever in Cygan, but he did his job today very well.

    Dennis was different class aswell today. He is playing as well, if not better than 97. All that is missing is the 30 yarders in the top corner. His passing is just a joy to watch.

    But all in all a great three points, battled well for 60 mins, took everything that Fulham had and then class told.
  9. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    I thought Cygan had some very poor clearences and passes, and I thought that Collins John scored a clear goal, but still, no complaints, 3 points are safe.
  10. kanuuu

    kanuuu New Member

    Sol, How did freddie play today? Apart from the goal(s).
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i thought freddie played really well today .. work rate was excellent
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Best player first half I thought. Well, looked interested at least.

    Faded a bit second, but played a big part in two goals.

    Good game over all, and good to see because he has been average for too long now.
  13. shaz

    shaz New Member

    was henry pissed cos reyes didnt pass? i was listening on the radio.. so thats what i heard.
  14. juz7_pi12es

    juz7_pi12es New Member

    "Jealous FM"
  15. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    It was probably Talk Sh*t. I'm surprised Thierry played the whole game. I thought Arsène might substitute him when the game was safe.
  16. Canuck

    Canuck New Member Elite

    Sounds like some Freddie is fighting for a starting place, competition within the team can really be a good motivator on the pitch.
  17. Unbeaten

    Unbeaten New Member

    btw.. why does it say on the arsenal-mania news that Ljungberg had 2 goals? Didn't he only have 1? 1 by Reyes, 1 by Ljungberg and an own goal?
  18. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    Some sites think it was an own goal some think it was Freddie's. Once I see for myself, I will see what I think.
  19. James

    James New Member Elite

    Was most definately an own goal, havent seen any highlights myself yet but i'm certain
  20. kanuuu

    kanuuu New Member

    He looked a bit pissed, but it's nothing, players always have a go at each other during matches, it doesn't mean they have a problem with each other.

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