PL: Sheffield United vs Arsenal | Monday 21st October | KO: 20:00 | Sky Sports

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Not sure why he isn’t starting Tierney tonight. He’s been fit for well over a month now. No excuse for him not starting at this point.


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Very strong bench. Plenty of options to strengthen if the first XI isn’t enough.


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AMNs complete absence is also intriguing. Think after telling everyone to **** off with this RB nonsense, his days might be more numbered. Worse still, hes talking up credentials as a winger and honestly I dont think that's where he should be either.

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Didn’t you just throw your phone at the wall because Emery was starting him though?


Its not about individuals mate. You got to look at the clown gang as a whole like I've argued before, there is no chemistry there, no trust between the players and they don't work well as unit in the defense. A constant **** ups are inevitable.


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Okay got Ceballos wrong, Willock in. And no Tierney yet. :( And no Özil in bench yet.

So subs again: 1. Laca->Saka/Pepe 2. Ceballos->Willock 3. Tierney->Kola
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