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Draw Premier League: Arsenal 1 - 1 Brentford | Saturday 11th February | KO: 15:00 GMT |

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That was our most dreadful performance in the league since that collapse at Newcastle at the backend of last season.

It is imperative we win this or doubts will start to creep and there can be no doubt in a title race especially against City, a declining one, nonetheless, otherwise when doubt creep in, especially in a young side like ours, you have yourself another title bottle job. But we should see off Brentford at home fairly easily.





White and Martinelli shouldn't see to he pitch, abeg.

Arsenal 3-0 Brentford


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Give the man his PL medal.

Trossard levelled up from mid-table mediocrity to potentially winning a PL. Respect 👏


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Unfortunately this struggle will be in almost every game now, except City and say Liverpool.

We will need to be patient, open them up and then counter attack.

It's something champions have to learn to deal with, simple as that..

I much prefer struggling to open teams up while on top of the table, than when we were in 8th
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