Rob Holding: No Hairline, Ho Problem

Good to see someone new on this forum that knows football. Was great viewing reading you putting Rex in a casket in this thread.
the Holding critics are the most hypocrite i've ever seen both in this forum and the reddit forum.
I can put on 100 different things they've said
What happened to that guy, who kept on insulting Holding, mostly personal insults!
What CB doesn't make mistakes though?

Gabriel made some absolute howlers last season, he's still a good CB.

Holding was unfortunate that his obvious errors have came against high profile sides like Man City and Liverpool where the magnifying glass is out. If they were against some Estonian farmers in the EL they'd have been forgotten about long ago.

I wouldn't have him as a starter but I think he's one of the better back ups in the league.
Holding backs off to position better and prevent the opposition from shooting - "No he cant do that, he is bad. Championship level player"
Ben "Ball playing defender" White backs off, cant position properly and let edouard shoot that leads to a goal - "Thats not white's fault, that was such a great goal"


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I’d actually pace you tho, with or without the ball.
Nah I can tell you got a decent 10M burst and good stamina but you’re getting smoked over anything greater than 30M.

You might be tekky tho, I feel like you’re slyly tekky.


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Loved he stand up for his teammates and didn't stay quite. Hopefully this fan get some nice forever stadium ban and education about being respectful to all human beings
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Good on you Robbo. Call it out. Leeds supporters are among the worst. Not calling them all racist but they have a large amount of boneheads in their ranks. Booing Saka was just uncalled for too. Wankers. Hope they go down.


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Holding and Chambers can be descent backups for central defender. It's a shame that Chambers keeps missing his opportunities ...


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Looked comfertable today the passing improved. Definitely the one I'd keep from Mari and Chambers. White Saliba Gabriel Holding is good way to go forward.

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