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✍️ OFFICIAL Rob Holding (Out)

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What doesn't help is that Rob pretty much single handedly gave city the title. It was an absolute disaster class in the run in. And him being in the team was a large part of it.

He's always done well in a 3. I suppose if there is a team that plays 352 or 343, rob could be a useful addition.

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The arse shoving will be covered by Holding himself, won't play much but will drive the Pride parade bus around town with his flamboyant locks.

We paid 2m for him and will find a way to make a loss.
Thought it was 2.5m Well we turned down 1m from Turkey so doubt we will lose too much. Even many championship clubs can afford that.
For perspective I would happily settle for a 60m loss on Pepe right now.


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Arsenal aren't going to loan him to Luton. It would mean we have to extend him by 1 year and who's going to want to buy him next summer after he has been part of one of the worst premier league sides ever?

Not happening.

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Sevilla would be nice opportunity for him CL football also. Luton are not spending they seem focused on using the money to improve the stadium they weren't expected to get promoted so yeah the maximum they'll give us is loan.


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Hope he goes to Sevilla, tbh.

Already won with the FA cup Merchants, needs to do the same at the Europa League Merchants now!
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