Sead Kolasinac (Out)


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Saka played well at lb on the weekend against Everton I thought, would Saka be able to potentially play backup lb to Tierney regularly in the future? If he can & he's happy to I think we can afford to let Sead go.
Its also one game against a **** Everton. Bit Early to judge. Def cant let dead go


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No guarantee that clubs will still want him in the summer, if there’s an offer then take it.

Bellerin, Tierney, Chambers and AMN should get us through to the summer.

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Personally I dont think hes bad enough to sell, quite like having him as part of the squad.

The on going issue I suppose is having a backup LB on his wage.

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You probably sell if the offer is big enough, guy simply isn’t good enough.

He was free anyway and is on big wages. The upside to a sale is potentially great.

What would you call enough? The interest appears to be from Italy and we all know how they are with transfers.


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Other clubs seems to juggle things around, Liverpool, Utd, Chelsea etc really have 2 strong LBs? I don’t know who the back ups are at these clubs.


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This won't happen until summer. Tierney won't be back until March so we can't take a risk and sell Kola.

The only way I could see it happen in January is if Arsenal has a suitable replacement lined up, but I have no idea who that would be. They're not going to buy a starter because they have Tierney. I suppose it's possible they might buy somebody who could play multiple positions with an eye on them playing right back or center back in the future.

I would be in favor of moving Kolasinac because he's a much better wingback than fullback and probably belongs in a 3-man back system. But he's pretty much all Arsenal has at the moment. Maitland-Niles could play there if Bellerin was fully back to health and form, but we can't depend on that. So Saka is pretty much it.

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I’d sell if we got a good offer, feel it would be a smart move to make, he’s done well but he’s not too good that he’s a must keep.

Use a combo of Tierney, AMN and Saka as cover until the summer and maybe even see what Bola is about.

If we then got someone like Nathan Ferguson in the summer he’d be fine as he can cover all three defensive positions and is a talented player.

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They're not going to be offering anywhere near enough money to make this worthwile in winter.

If we had a fully fit KT who had settled in the PL and we got a £20m+ offer then yeh sure but why should we risk selling him and replacing him in Jan


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Don't see any reason to sell him. It's not like we have an abundance of left backs in the squad. Also he's pretty damn good.

My only real worry with Sead is that he can be quite fragile at times.