Shkodran Mustafi: 2019/20 Performances

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Ricardinho, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. tap-in

    tap-in Nothing Wrong With Me

    I didn't say money did cure one off (not of) mistakes, in fact I said there was no cure for his mistakes, its part of him as a player, ie he's sh1t! I have empathy when I feel its deserved!

    Notice I managed that reply without swearing!
  2. Eaststander74

    Eaststander74 Jury Lite II

    Well this is it, who has had a mental breakdown? Nobody, that's who. What are you on about when you say 'what someone, (Mustafi) is going through'? What do you know about his mental state? Nothing. That's what. Your argument is based on the premise that Mustafi is on suicide watch.
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  3. Eaststander74

    Eaststander74 Jury Lite II

    I responded with a bit of childish banter to the guy saying I was some sort of mental wreck... Was that not allowed? I think you should ban yourself tbh, because this thread might drive you into the nut house.
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  4. El Granit-Coq

    El Granit-Coq Well-Known Member

    Couldnt resist.

    Is Mustafi suffering from mental health issues? Yes.

    Did I suggest he had a breakdown? No.

    It is clear, for anyone with experience of mental health issues/studies/awareness when someone is is having similar issues. May not be able to diagnose him but enough has been said about his mental state to make that deduction.

    Dont tell me to shut up because i am calling out you BS. Its tolerable in other instances but dont go swinging your dick around on issues you do not understand.

    That response was to your stupid comment about gaining perspective because other people are having issues. Stupid statement. Don't minimise someones suffering by bringing up suffering irrelevant to the person.

    Someone: "Im constipated"
    You: "Well kids in Africa cant even get bread, be grateful for your constipation"

    Get out.
  5. El Granit-Coq

    El Granit-Coq Well-Known Member

    Yes that was a dick move by myself. Took that too seriously.
  6. Eaststander74

    Eaststander74 Jury Lite II

    I love you son. Don't ever forget. Your place in the war cabinet is of great value :cool:
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  7. irishgunnerz

    irishgunnerz Moderator Moderator

    Enough. You're patently unqualified to judge anyone else.
  8. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Well-Known Member

    Wenger tried to get rid in 2017. We don't know that his time here is up if he won't help us out with his transfer. That's scary. :(
  9. irishgunnerz

    irishgunnerz Moderator Moderator

    How exactly? This is what I don't understand. It's the club that is responsible for that. There have been no reports (I'm aware of!) from the last 12-18 months saying his wage demands were blocking a move elsewhere.

    Open to correction but if that's true what exactly is it he should do?
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  10. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Well-Known Member

    Ive seen online reports/rumours about his wages being a stumbling block but that is in conjunction with us trying to get a decent fee. No club seems to want to pay both and he doesn't seem to have put himself out to find a new club either. I'd advocate a fresh start even if he has to take a pay cut but some posters say why should he. Fair enough,but I'm tired about hearing that he is suffering mentally. He looks like another that we cant get rid of and seems willing to sit ot out. I've never known another club struggle to offload WC winners. I just found it baffling that he's still here.
  11. Kysus

    Kysus Well-Known Member

    How many players have to kill themselves until fans/media let go of that insane pressure and stop acting like footballers are machines?

    Have thought Enke killing himself 10 years ago would raise some awareness but unfortunately the media and fans are singling out individuals more and more and respect and compassion is out of the window.
    People keep bringing up the high salary not realizing that footballers naturally often completly identify themselves with their job which makes it even harder to just ignore getting disrespected all the time.
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  12. Vanfrothan

    Vanfrothan Member

    Just re-watching the highlights from the Chelsea game and its probably already been said but did this guy actually get an assist for Martinelli's goal?!

    Doesn't make up for the earlier mistake but at least it's something!
  13. irishgunnerz

    irishgunnerz Moderator Moderator

    Pretty bloody good clearance. Just a pity he can't focus like that for the full 90
  14. CaseUteinberger

    CaseUteinberger Cazorla (not Carzola ffs)

    Think this is the frustrating part with Mustafi. I for one held out a long time hoping that there was a good defender in there and that he just needed better coaching and time. Unfortunately due to circumstances and also to his own lack of ability to concentrate for 90 minutes game in and game out he simply isn’t one we should keep. I think Chelsea’s second goal was a typical one. It was all in front of him and he was simply just ball watching. He did not react at all to the situation and man moving that ended up scoring right in front of him. This simply happens much too often. It isn’t just the clear mistakes like the one that led to the first goal, it is the clear lack of defensive awesomeness for 90 full minutes that I find the worst in this CB.
  15. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member

    We’ve had wack defenders before but unfortunately it’s social media era so it’s worse than its ever been.

    I remember one interview last year where a guy basically cornered Mustafi and made him explain why he was so sh*t.

    Mustafi being devoid of confidence actually tried to explain why. I’ll try and find it but yeah he’s defo going through it tbh.

    I remember when Emanuel Petit openly called Mustafi the king of blunders, that deeply effected him too. His decline and confidence loss is very similar to Senderos.
  16. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Well-Known Member

    All that and he still won't leave the club, what else must we do? Need more players to call him sh*t in public.
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  17. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Well-Known Member

    We had no CBs after injury issues so we had to play Mustafi, knowing this the club released a PR video of Mustafi getting bullied so you guys feel sorry for him and don't get mad if he effed up vs Chelsea.

    Guess what happens? He effs up vs Chelsea and instead of getting the ridicule he deserves you gullible fools are feeling sorry for him cos you were manipulated by the video Arsenal released.

    Really the lack of critical thinking skills of the average person is worrying and guys like Rupert Murdoch will forever thrive in controlling media cos of the gullible folks like you lot.
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  18. Macho

    Macho Well-Known Member

    I never saw the Arsenal videos

    and don’t get it twisted he should go, but I don’t sell the players at Arsenal do I :lol:

    doesn’t matter what I think and plus, slagging off a guy obviously devoid of confidence does nothing for my life. This team minus Mustafi is still sh*t, not quite sure why you’re even crying now that I think about it.
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  19. Oxeki

    Oxeki Well-Known Member

    Shut the f*ck up.

    Jesus Christ! don't you ever get tired. ffs
  20. El Granit-Coq

    El Granit-Coq Well-Known Member

    Did you pop a big vein pumping up this paranoid drivel?

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