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The Fighting **** & Glory Glory Go Into Meltdown


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@American_Gooner can we have a Fighting **** Meltdown Thread like the RAWK one :drool:


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There’s 50 pages to go through from p. 36...where’s the good stuff? Can’t be clicking through all that.



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At 1-2:


Definitely a red card in this. Just hope it isn't Dier.

It was just a matter of time

Emery looks beat

AFTV and chill about ****ing time

Aubameyang also looks and acts like the biggest **** in the universe. The luxury Walcott

That **** couldn’t finish his dinner (Auba)

Foyth is a mountain

This is old-school Dier today. Blood and thunder biblical ****.

Game of the season so far, it is already a hundred times better than last year.

I've not been Dier's biggest fan this season but **** me he's having the game of his life.

This could be the greatest ever NLD in history. I love you Sp**s.


Doesn’t Rate Any Of Our Attackers
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Title didn’t lie, that’s one proper meltdown they’re having. Seems to me from my wouldn’t-touch-them-with-a-barge-pole perspective, that sp*ds fans are generally happy and confident in their team but with a niggling anxiety in the back of their heads, that they haven’t and won’t win something.


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The illusions of grandeur, the fact they tasted victory after showing up for a mere 5 minutes in a game thinking they 'd make a classic out of it, Dier being a ***** only to be thoroughly drubbed into their place in our own shadow in a mere 45 minutes of exhilirating football with written record of them making a u-turn is priceless :lol::lol::lol:


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This one came from the game, the levelheaded analyst among them :rofl:

So just getting home.....my thoughts are:

They came out very sharp, very strong for the first twenty minutes and our boys seemed a little bit put out by that which is disappointing as you've got to battle in these games from start to finish. Jan I honestly have no idea what was going on with him today, you simply cannot give opportunities like the one he did away in these kind of games, away from home especially and get away with it. Just wasn't his day not only with the penalty but a few positional plays he wasn't at the races with, the same must be said of Aurier who took a big step back today regarding his defence nous. He got targeted by that lot and rightly so as he wasn't sharp, focused and in tune with the pace of what was happening unfortunately.

Juan will get some blame but only short sighted ball watchers who don't understand the steps he's taken recently will do so. I thought he looked so good until a lapse in concentration made him lose that ball and just his luck at the moment they scored from it with so much still to do.

We didn't get into their faces, we looked a bit groggy and stifled which I can stomach but throwing away a lead we were fortunate to have at half time just reeked of a lacklustre and negative attitude. They did a number on Eriksen and rightly so and I do think that quick fire, out of nowhere equaliser shook us a bit and we never really gained any composure thereafter.

When they scored the 3rd I was keen to see how we changed our mentality as we would need to attack and they would inevitably sit back as the clock ticked on but that quickfire 4th made the game dead and buried. It's a shame but we need to re-focus, need to keep focus that we've now played NINE away games in 14 games and have a glut of games coming up that we can make amends with.

Losing to that lot is never niceand the ref was, as predicted a **** that made some needlessly useless calls but away at their place with the whole of the stadium revved up for it because of how far they've fallen and how far we've come was never going to be easy.

Don't blame Juan, he's the pup of the group. If you need to blame anyone I'd suggest the guys who never got out of third gear or made them feel like we weren't going to be powderpuff in the 2nd half. It happens, its football but I'm not going to lie I'd have liked to see a bit more brains mixed with a little more brawn when they equalised, I'd have like to see us go for the throats a little more but onwards & upwards, our fanbase, players, traditions are far classier than they ever will, let's see what kind of Woolwich turn up in the return fixture when they haven't got 60,000 meatheads backing them.


This is just unreal on so many levels, he's probably still in shock how Arsenal dominated for 80 minutes over a bunch of crybaby ****wits who think they are for some reason better than a team who has celebrated more Premier league title on their turf than them. Glorious, probably still recovering from the lone flair on the Emirates :D

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