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The season objective was to get back into the CL, so it's a failure. There are different ways you can fail of course. We didn't fail spectacularly, we got close, so there's that. But the intangibles, the feeling of it all, I don't see it, I don't see what Emery is building.

You don't get anywhere by changing your manager for no reason (apart from Chelsea, they get everywhere by doing that), but I don't see what Emery has done to deserve a second season, so f*ck it, bring someone else in.

Actually I misspoke when I said intangibles, because it can be quantified. Our xG is down from last season I believe, our underlying stats in attack are not promising and the defence stats haven't changed. We overperformed probably because we have two good strikers.

That is not a basis to give someone another year. Perfectly reasonable to question Emery's position. His trump card was delivering results even if everything else wasn't great, and he hasn't ultimately delivered the results.


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Still can't believe we actually bottled this.

This club is riddled with weak DNA. It will take seasons to eradicate.
Whoever loses the final is seen as the ‘bottler’.

Not sure we bottled it, not sure we even deserved it. Definitely worse on paper, they had Hazard we had Kola ffs.

At this level you’re surprised if stuff like having a 20 year old CM at RB against a world class LW doesn’t result in a loss. We Ofc are optimists by nature and the hope gets to us but Chelsea are a better side with better players imo.

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From your lips.... of course we'll be here. I'll be here if we drop five divisions. But if we're going to compete at the top level at some point these dead weights have to go.

There’s an adage in sports that the first trophy is the hardest.

I’m not naive enough to believe a spine of Sokratis, Xhaka, Özil and PEA is going to lead us to glory.

We need to use those guys to stay competitive so we can bring through players who can take us to the next level.


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Emery completely bottled top four in the league and I wouldn't make a strong case to defend him. Having said that it's clear to anyone that this squad is nowhere near what he wants.

Going further back you hate to say it but my God did Wenger build and leave us with a **** squad. The guy made us what we are but stayed on too long and pretty much left us where he picked us up. If he had left a few seasons earlier and we brought the right guy in we'd be an established CL club right now.

But ultimately **** happens, an ambitious owner would have kicked Wenger out before the clear decline damaged us, he would have provided Wenger/Emery with at least a decent amount of funds.

At the end of the day we have an owner who's probably thinking "They made a final why are they complaining?"

Well said. Let's give Emery another season with support, and then he can be kicked in the arse if there is no UCL. Would be idiotic to change every year like I have said. He did better than Wenger in his last year.

I'm not defending him either like he has performed very well, but I think fans should understand the situation of our squad. They basically shat their pants for 2 of Wengers last seasons, Emery is no miracle worker.
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