Who will Stop the Mighty Arsenal's Run ?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Piston Broke, Sep 8, 2004.


Who will Stop the Mighty Arsenal's Run ?

  1. Manure

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  2. Chel$ki

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    the quicker we loose the record the better.So we can concentre on the football.The record nearly cost us 3 points against boro.Its a friggin liability and doesnt account for anything.Anyways weve beaten nothingam forest record,and i dont think any team will match our record in ages.Plus we always play **** after international matches,and as fulham have less internationals(they will be fresher) and its a london derby against the best team in the land,plus to be called hte first team to beat arsenal..i think will be alot of motivation for them to try and cause the upset.

    i wud rather loose to fulham than the big 2.Imagine how much stick we wud get from chelsea/man u fans if not only defeat us,but were the team to end our record.iT wud be unbearable.

    wudnt it be nice if luis boa moatre scored a possible winner this sat?..
  2. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    No, funnily enough. :?
  3. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    But the same could be said about every team we play. A so far this season our play has been nothing short of exceptional. Against Boro it wasn't the record that made us almost slip up, it was mistakes. We weren't playing not to lose, we were playing to win.
  4. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    Boro was a mad game. You can't read into games like that too much. We just made a few mistakes and we were taken by surprise. We still played well and did bloody well to come back after that. Not many teams can do that.
  5. huyha123

    huyha123 New Member

    well done bergkamp :D
  6. jeromelee

    jeromelee New Member

    Frankly I doubt that we'd lose to Manure or Chelski because those games are gonna be tight and most likely end in a draw.

    I think if we were to lose, it's be to a lower team. Like Boro the other day. Or maybe Villa or something.

    Usually the big matches everyone's concentrating hard, and not giving much space which usually makes the game extremely tight and no so free flowing.

    But against lower teams, Arsenal tends to lose concentration every now and then and getting punished for it. Which explains 3 goal leads and then an equaliser. Arsenal always have a knack of taking their foot off the pedal after leading.

    There's been many occasions last season when we were cruising through the game. Score 1. Turn on the style. And then let in the equaliser late in the game and not be able to come back to score the winner.

    So I think if anyone's gonna beat us and end our unbeaten run, it's not going to be manure or chelski.
  7. vin de guerre

    vin de guerre New Member

    Who ever we lose to I will put a curse on them that come May 2005 they are already guaranteed their place in the Coca Cola Championship for 2005-6 season. :evil:
  8. Double_H

    Double_H New Member

    Bolton Me Think or This sat aginst Fulham
  9. Guns and Arses

    Guns and Arses New Member

    If there's one team that can end Arsenal's unbeaten run, that will be Crystal Palace
  10. ozgooner

    ozgooner New Member

    man city...dont know why though, it just comes to mind :roll:
  11. RocktheCasbah

    RocktheCasbah New Member Elite

    Anyone before we play before Man United- Imagine if they beat us..

    However, I think we'll beat them this time anyway, it's been too long since a league win against them.
  12. Unbeaten

    Unbeaten New Member


    just kidding. :)
  13. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    I'd also really like us to get 3 points off the mancs. Those kind of wins are crucial. Would be great getting them at OT too.
  14. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    I think you mean that's two seasons ago, in which it cost us.

    To be fair, I think last season we never relaxed until we scored two goals, and this year it seems to be three.

    Last season 6 out of the 12 draws we had were after we had taken the lead. Two of thoses were after we won the league.
    The Bolton match the other team deserved. Leister we were very unlucky as their 'keeper made some fantastic saves as did Everton. Man U should have been dead and buried before Saha's equaliser.

    Three draws were a result of us not being able to break down a defence that had a great day, i.e. Newcastle, Birmingham, and Fulham, while the against Man U we were lucky to leave with a point, even though our play match their dire play.

    Against Pompey 2x and Charlton we came from behind.

    So most of the draw seemed to be unluck, or didn't matter. At least we didn't lose those matches. It is an improvemnt on the year before, and hopefully we will improve on last season.

    EDIT: Changed it Jeromelee
  15. jeromelee

    jeromelee New Member

    [quote="*Loyan]Last season 6 out of the 12 draws we had were after we had taken the league. Two of thoses were after we won the league.

    Sorry couldn't understand this part.
  16. fee_fi_fo_Gunners

    fee_fi_fo_Gunners New Member

    whoever will beat us, i really hope it won't be either chelski or manu... i am not worry so much about man u because i believe our playing level is higher than theirs, but chelsea is different. We used to have problem against ultra defensive team... Maurinho is a typical manager that will use anything to win the game... i am afraid they will play ultra defensive with fast counter attack against us... they will us their luck with long ball and put only one striker up front to steal the point... if this is happen, we probably will have a problem... but i really hope Wenger find out already how to solve this problem..

    anyway i am still hoping us to do the unbeaten record again for this season...

    may the gunners do
  17. jeromelee

    jeromelee New Member

    Wouldn't that be sweet now. Another unbeaten season. The those silly ****s can't say that we were lucky blah blah blah
  18. Feanor

    Feanor New Member

    I'm picking Aston Villa...just a hunch. As long as it's not chelski, I don't manu can beat us and I think they would rather see us win the league than chelski.
  19. Loylz

    Loylz Moderator Moderator

    Don't think so. They hate us more than Chelsea.
  20. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    True. Arsenal and Man Utd hate each other more than either of them hate Chelski, I think.

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