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William Saliba: Here to Stay ✍️


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It’s normal to have doubt though isn’t it, especially for a CB where such quality is limited.
No. He very clearly loves it here. It's just been so long since we had a player who huge clubs might really want to take so people don't know how to act. That kid was staying from the moment he heard his song.


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As of right now, arguably the best CB in Prem history at his age (in terms of performing at a high level and competing for the league title)

You could argue some have matched his performances, but at 21 and competing for a Prem title (as an out and out starter) in such a key role and not just lower in the league...can you think of anyone who has matched him?

Think Terry and Stones were both 23 when they completed for their first title, so he beats them...Rio was around the same age, Sol didn't join us until he was 26/27, Virgil was still in clogs in the Netherlands at William's age ffs.

The only one I can think of (for even more Arsenal propaganda!) is a 22 year old Toure in 2004, who was sensational too...but even he was a bit younger than Kolo.

I think he is gonna be seen as the best defender in the World when his current contract extension is up and the way I think he will develop in that time...needs to be starting for France now too, they need to stop ****ing around and build their defence around him too.


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Imagine spending a lovely Saturday afternoon searching up my old posts.

You got away of getting all up inside AM’s dome. I try to p.ss people off and i can’t half the loving up you get G. @Riou and @hydrofluoric acid can you do me next? Nothing i love more than seeing my own genius analysis has rattled them


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Why are these deals only four years? In two years time we’ll have to renegotiate or sell.

These players have to justify the wages and the club has to do something big in the next 2 years to prove that they should stay, so I think it’s for the best.

The entire starting 11 is on 130k minimum with most being near or comfortably over the 200k mark. Some fringes like Eddie and Tierney rumoured to be on similar wages too.

We’re basically back to where we started, in the CL and with CL salaries but with more upside with our core (Ramsdale, Saliba, Gabriel, Martinelli, Ødegaard and Saka) being very young.

The club has done well and provided recruitment is what we expect this summer, there should be no more excuses.

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Why are these deals only four years? In two years time we’ll have to renegotiate or sell.
Blame Saka's agent he set the tone.

Obviously 5 or 4+1 is better as you can then have 3 straight years fuss free years without much concern.

It's a compromise from both sides tbf Saks suits the player more but if there are any doubts over Big Willy's back this could have been a club decision also?


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Great stuff. We basically have 2 years now to win the PL/CL so as to convince these guys that they can build a legendary era here and sign on again.


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This thread is just brilliant! Quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Going back and reading posts from a year ago have me absolutely in stitches. Love that some actually think they have a clue about football contract negotiations and what does and does not matter to a certain player. Just all projections and agenda. Best is then to on top of having no clue beating your chest about it.

I negotiate and evaluate contracts for a living (financial industry) and I wouldn't dream of making such certain statements or speculate as wildly as many posters do here on A-M. It's just total cluelessness.


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Saka, Martinelli, Gabriel, Saliba and Ødegaard soon all committing to new deals here...linked to players like Rice and Caciedo, gone from an old Laca and young Eddie to prime Jesus and Trossard as our forward options (might sign another too) gone from 8th to 5th to 2nd in the last 3 season and playing some elite football with a very young team that will only get better.

Shame none of this matters now and we will never challenge for anything ever again for some reason according to the pundits and many A-M members, what a ride though 🥲


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