Your best and worst Arsenal moments in 2005/2006.

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Mostarac, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. King_Kolo

    King_Kolo New Member


    Sol Campbell goal against Barca
    Benayoun goal against the Spud
    Jens penalty saved against Villerael


    The last 15 mins in paris
  2. JakeM

    JakeM New Member

    Jens' saves against Villareal and Gerrard
    Going to the CL Final
    The scum getting sick because they knew they'd have gotten trampled in the CL
    Watching Cesc on his way to stardom
    Skipping school to watch us beat Real Madrid, Juventus, Villareal, and almost Barca
    Knowing we can only get so much better next year because of our young and now very experianced squad

    Last 15 of the Final
    Losing all those away games
    Getting up really early to see us lose away games
  3. Kilgallon

    Kilgallon New Member

    Champions league run
    Final day of the Premiership season
    Henry signing a new contract
    7-0 Boro'
    Jens saving Riquelme's pen

    Losing to Barca
    Bergkamp finally retiring
    Our inability to beat any of the 'top 4'
    Our away form
  4. Ginger_Reyes

    Ginger_Reyes New Member


    Beating Juventus 2-0 at highbury


    Suprisingly, losing to Wigan in the SF of the Carling cup to a Jason Roberts strike right at the end. I remember sitting there thinking this can't be. Felt really low.
  5. liridon

    liridon New Member


    loosing against west ham
    loosing against barca


    winning real madrid and juventus
    penalty safe of jens agains requelme
  6. Clrnc

    Clrnc Well-Known Member Trusted

    Best moments

    sol's goal in paris
    our whole CL run starting from RM
    henry's hattrick vs wigan
    Jens penalty save
    arsenal signing hleb,diaby...all of them

    worst moments
    2nd half of Paris
    sol storming out of highbury
    all the away defeats
    roberts goal in highbury
  7. rajkurupt

    rajkurupt New Member

    int he league itself....

    worst...old trafford Rooney running riot....loosing 2- 0..

    best..henry vs the spuds that equaliser still sends chills of passion down my neck..when i watch it..
  8. seb_afc

    seb_afc New Member Trusted

    EXACT same for me, especially as i was at all the games mentioned. Although i'd have to add losing to chelsea both home and away last year aswell!
  9. Alfonso

    Alfonso New Member Elite

    To be honest i dont like to think about 05/06 season what so ever, as it had many many down points. And even if i think about the good points, then im left with thinking about the Barca match and words such as what if spring to mind.

    What is done is done.

    We are very different to last season. New stadium, old players have gone, new players have come in, new kit, etc etc. Lets concentrate on the 06/07 season. The season when Mourinho finally dicsovers what he is up against in the real Arsenal.
  10. xiaoleen

    xiaoleen New Member

    best: beating juve
    worst: last quarter of cl final(off the tv when eto score,however turn it on 5 mins later to find belliti just scored. immediately smash the tv screen)
  11. MUTERI

    MUTERI New Member

    The final day at Highbury was a strange one, a day of mixed emotions, we won the CL spot but left Highbury ( or when look at the bright side you can say we left Highbury but won the CL spot ) .
  12. s_rishi1

    s_rishi1 New Member

    Best: Juve game, Sol's header, Riquelme's Penalty, Pipping the yids on the last day

    Worst: Last 13 minutes of CL final, Losing at home to chelscum, all the rumours about Thierry all year long
  13. bohemian

    bohemian New Member

    best: juve win and cesc outplaying patrick,
    jens penalty save on riquelme.
    worst: henry's early misses in the cl final - i knew in my gut we wouldn't win after that - the rest of the game was anti-climatic
  14. Uri

    Uri New Member

    Worst -

    Eto'o's goal. omg. Could not believe itm though I knew it was about to happen.
    If he didn't score the ref would have scored for them.

    Sol's goal in Paris
    Henry's goal in Madrid
    The brilliant game against Madrid in Highbury
  15. Uri

    Uri New Member

    :( :( :cry :cry
    Can't see those pictures.

    Oh well, at least they lost to Madrid & the scums.
    YES !!! even the scums !
  16. Saville

    Saville New Member


    1. Going 1-0 up in champions league final after going down to 10 men! Sol's header then my house just went crazy.

    2. Lehmann's save, still i think it was a miricale how he saved it.

    3. Arsenal v Wigan - Fairystale stuff really.

    4. When we took Juventus to the cleaners and back! always a good moment.


    1. Actually losing to Barcelona in the. Belletti goal literally made u cry.

    2. Literally chasing Sp**s the whole season, always a bad thing.

    3. Losing to Chelsea at Highbury, when it could of been all so different if Van Persie's goal had counted.
  17. Trick

    Trick New Member

    Best - our champions league run, going absolutely bonkers when fabregas and henry scored against Juve and realising we were on our way to the final and it could be our year. I remember waking up on the wednesday and not being able to think about anything other than 7.45pm. When Sol scored, ive never gone so mad before, i lost my voice just shouting for that 1 goal. And Henry signing a new contract.

    Worst - watching all the barca players jumping on belletti. sick to my stomach.
  18. universialemcee

    universialemcee New Member

    henry's equalizer against tottenham.
  19. Mjan

    Mjan New Member


    1-win over Juve
    2-Campbell's header against Barca(i was the only Arsenal supporter in a group of friends watching the game and i went crazy and i made fun of all of them hahaha that was great they were all furious with me :D)
    3-Lehmann's save

    1-Final game against Barca 1st goal
    2- Final game against Barca 2nd goal !! (Thanks to Almunia!)
  20. scruzgooner

    scruzgooner New Member

    best: henry kisses highbury turf, re-signs.
    worst: jens trips eto'o

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