Your best and worst Arsenal moments in 2005/2006.

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Mostarac, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. lil_Rosicky7

    lil_Rosicky7 New Member

    Beating Real Madrid
    Lehman Save Against Riquelme
    Fabregas Running Riot Against Juventus
    Winning 4th position on last day from Sp**s
    DB goal on DB day

    CL final- Nothing Compares
  2. sparky44

    sparky44 New Member

    Actually another good moment was beating doncaster in the carling cup

    Gilberto in the last minute of extra time - even though it was a **** team boy was I relived to see that go in!
  3. The_byrne

    The_byrne New Member

    my worst is the blackburn result away, just for it's sheer predictability. I told my mate it would be 1-0 and we would bring nothing, he said we would bring madrid form into that game. After that game i was desolate, i could see us finnishing 5th or 6th, and i was still sure that madrid would do us at highbury.

    Best was realising that we would finnish above Sp**s, when that ripple of cheers went round highbury it was magic.

    Special night to sol's goal in paris, just ruined by what happened before and after


    my worst moment was CL final. As soon as lehman got sent off i cried, and then when that final whistle blew and those ****s had won i was so distraught i stormed out of my house! my dad is a Sp**s fan as well so you can imagine what he had to say about it! i was depressed for days after!!

    best moment was when we beat Sp**s for 4th place! the abuse my dad got was revenge for his comments about CL final! it made me feel a whole lot better! :p
  5. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Make sure he washs his hands before he prepares any food in the house. :wink:
  6. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    Best - Sol in Paris, never felt such joy after a goal.

    Worst - Eto'o equalizing, I knew it was definitely over then. Never felt so gutted before.

    All in one hour too, funny old game.
  7. Gooner T

    Gooner T New Member

    best - going 1-0 up in CL final. was in a bar in leicester sq and the whole place just went ****in mental! got drenched in beer and loved every second of it!

    worst - eto'o equalizer. IT WAS ****IN OFFSIDE! still aint got over it. after that i didnt even react to belleti's goal, just knew that it wasnt our year after getting rotten luck like that.
  8. thegame24

    thegame24 New Member

    worst - the barca goals

    best - lehmanns save, henry vs Sp**s, campbells goal
  9. kel varnsen

    kel varnsen New Member Trusted

    fulham or boro game at home. top class performances.

    tottenham at home.
  10. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    best:Juve home this year,and Boro home chacing 1-3 to 5-3

    worst: watching AW after CL final in Paris.

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