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Win Arsenal 4 - 2 Leicester City | Saturday 13th August 2022 | KO: 15:00 BST

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Spirit BOMB to these Foxes. Same team as below:



Post match, Teta needs to make A-M happy and bring out the stash of Snickers & Twix for their boy Youri Michelin as a sweetener:


Got a feeling that Gabby Jesus is going to cook in this one.

I’ll say 3-0 🔴⚪
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Think we will take control of this game much more compared to Palace. Home game and Leicester aren't as physical a team as Palace which I think was a factor.


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I'm going 5-1 us. Jesus hattrick, Martinelli and Saka with 1 each and a Ramsdale howler to make us nervy at 3-0 up before we start playing again and put them to the sword.

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Another must win. We can usually play better at home and hopefully that's enough to see off Leicester. I'd like a nice 4-0 but any win with no injuries will do.

A lot to work on during this week but I trust we come in fresh against Leicester and sow more dominance and control than against Palace. I like us to be more technical in the execution and hopefully, we can create more chances during the parts where we completely overcome them!


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Feel a proper performance happening here...

...with a MOTM game from the captain!


Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

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Feel it should be like the Chelsea and Sevilla preseason games, in terms of how dominant we should be...we picked up a decent amount of points last season at the Emirates, but we need to make it a real fortress this year.

Leicester aren't in good shape, need to really punish that...should be looking to start fast and to press the life out of them, their defence will crumble if we do.


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Xhaka to body Tielemans in midfield as usual, showing why no top club wants him. Not necessarily expecting a domination job but should comfortably win.


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Let’s not forget the almost routine Vardy goal. New era or not the bastard will sneak something through us.

Still expecting a resounding win. Maybe Tomi will make the bench?

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Important that we get the job done here, and I'd also like to see us do it convincingly.

I wish for a 3-0 win, I'd like to see us 2-0 up by halftime and us just controlling possession for the second half and getting a goal towards the end.
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Another standard win, we beat them relatively comfortably both times last season. We're better and they're worse this season so it should really be a standard win. If we're to progress how we want these are the type of games which simply have to be bankers. Win it no questions asked and in convincing fashion.

Would like Jesus to score here, at City he seemed like a real form player so last thing we need is for him to go on a string of matches without scoring.


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Think we will take control of this game much more compared to Palace. Home game and Leicester aren't as physical a team as Palace which I think was a factor.
The lack of control was nothing to do with Palace's physicality. It was the fact that we couldn't stop Anderson's long balls in behind to Zaha, meaning so we had to drop back as a team to protect White a bit, giving crystal palace control in the middle. That was it. Joachim Anderson and van dijk are literally the only CB's in the league that can ping long balls with that type of accuracy, so we should have much more control in this game.
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