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Win Arsenal 4 - 2 Leicester City | Saturday 13th August 2022 | KO: 15:00 BST

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Spirit BOMB to these Foxes. Same team as below:



Post match, Teta needs to make A-M happy and bring out the stash of Snickers & Twix for their boy Youri Michelin as a sweetener:


Got a feeling that Gabby Jesus is going to cook in this one.

I’ll say 3-0 🔴⚪
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When we are dominating, the fact that Zinchenko can half give up his LB position to move higher up in midfield is amazing.

We squeeze the middle of the park more applying further pressure. When it works it's great to see in moments.


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Partey has been poor once again but A-M doesn’t want to hear it.
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