Arsenal Vs Manchester City Take 2 PL Sky 7 45 1/3/2018

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Who will win?

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  1. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    In a nutshell, we're a quite unique fvckup of a club. We see a unique mess created by a manager in a unique position. This is why nobody should even begin to make light of our situation by comparing it to other clubs. It angers and frustrates me when I see people doing it.
  2. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Hoping Emery cloud has a silver lining

    Great post.
  3. FreakySami

    FreakySami Well-Known Member

    I'm not done.

    As for the manager, I think this transition I was talking about is inevitable and would have guaranteed a bad start for any new manager. Let's not pretend it isn't the case. I don't understand how people are blind to this. It's the emotions I guess. People cannot remove their emotions and have a fair assessment of what are the logical objectives of the club, whether they share them or not.

    I mean they say top 4 is the objective but the actions they took don't tell me that that was the objective this season based on what I said in the other post (problems removing Sanchez and changing him mid season, changing half the team which makes the team so unstable that you cannot do anything and require individuals learn systems mid way through the season. Personally, I think the objective should be preparing for the next season by changing half of the team. This would give the fans a clear indication of what we are doing but I understand that they cannot say this because ticket prices would need to go down based on that objective and it would create complacency in the dressing room. FAIR ENOUGH

    I don't have the energy to explain how ask if this converges on the field but if you don't get it...

    Ugh maybe I should just write an article and get stats.
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  4. Mrs Bergkamp

    Mrs Bergkamp Well-Known Member

    He just said that his side took the game seriously and has to against a good club like ours. He spoke about his own team and resisted the urge to put the knife in. Nothing special but a welcome break from the usual rhetoric that surrounds us atm.
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  5. krackpot

    krackpot Well-Known Member

    great objective post.

    Most people forget that we had Jack 'like-a-new-signing' Wilshere, Auba and Mkhi (Actually new signings), Kola (still lukewarm) in that team.

    Not making any excuses, but these same players would be much different if we had played after they had built up their confidnece with a few easier games.

    Again, not making any excuses, we were and are, dreadful.
  6. iamdaguy

    iamdaguy Active Member

    It is not in hindsight. It was almost certain he wasn't the player we needed. AW was just desperate. Even United fans knew his poor finishing. They were only pissed because one for selling to us and two he was academic player.

    If you see the other way round, the only players recently moved from us to them were our key players.
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