Arteta and Edu Transfer Targets: Summer 2020

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by DanDare, Feb 3, 2020.


Which signing would you prioritize of the two?

  1. Partey

  2. Aouar

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  1. AD1998

    AD1998 Member

    Where would they play and over who?
  2. gunnergoa

    gunnergoa Well-Known Member

    I dunno elnenny and Xakha looks world beater
  3. AD1998

    AD1998 Member

    Buendia can’t play anywhere but attacking midfield. You think he starts over Auba Willian or Saka in a 4231? Or Pepe for that matter. No chance.

    Soumare is a talent but incredibly young. The idea he steps right in as a 6 and plays better then Ceballos and Xhaka is a bit funny. Soumare would be a good signing for mid table side. In the future, sure. If we blow big money on players that don’t push us forward this summer we won’t recover.
  4. AbouCuéllar

    AbouCuéllar Well-Known Member

    I'll say it again: should've signed James.

    Forgivable mistake if we got Aouar, but James would've provided us with instant quality and the exact type of quality we are most missing, while still allowing us to build for the future (if we could never pay what it takes for Aouar, signing James and a younger player to develop behind him--or even using ESR in this spot--would've been a far more sensible approach to the market).

    Waiting til the window closes to reserve judgment, but it'll represent a massive miscalculation on our part if we don't get Aouar or another creative midfielder, when there were other viable approaches to the market like this one above.
  5. gunnergoa

    gunnergoa Well-Known Member

    Yeah Buendia does start over Saka(because he is young), Willian and Pepe......As for Soumare yeah he will be an upgrade over Xakha so would have Dacoure .....and also wake up and smell the coffee we are a mid table team
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  6. Wrighty4eva

    Wrighty4eva Well-Known Member

    Are you serious ?
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  7. Troopz

    Troopz Established Member

    If we’re not sorting out the midfield just use the cash from Emi and go after Patson Daka then shift out Lacazette.

    At least by doing that then we’d sort out our attack and we’d have secured one of the most promising forward players in Europe.

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  8. Wrighty4eva

    Wrighty4eva Well-Known Member

    Lille accepted a 30 million for him not long ago, not exactly a "Star" player as he has been in and out the team this past season, definitely worth a shout.
  9. gunnergoa

    gunnergoa Well-Known Member

    How can these club unearth these talent and we be so inept.
  10. AD1998

    AD1998 Member

    Soumare doesn’t start for a mid table French side. The idea he’s a significant upgrade over Xhaka right now is, quite frankly, hilarious. Pepe literally almost propelled Lille to the title I’m France a few seasons ago.

    Buendia plays attacking midfielder in the championship and for perhaps the worst EPL side of recent memory. You think he’s better than Willian? Bc they play the same position.

    They might be good in football manager, but the idea that Buendia or Soumare would even start isn’t certain, certainly isn’t saving a season lmao.
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  11. AD1998

    AD1998 Member

    At this point would take both with a smile and hope for the best though haha
  12. gunnergoa

    gunnergoa Well-Known Member

    These are the various emotion that we fans have gone through this season.

    Optimism- Yeah! Arteta is our guy he Is not a yes man we will have a good transfer window

    Enthusiasm –We are linked with Auoar and Partey

    Trepidation- Will Auba signed Da thing ….

    Day Dream – Auba has signed Gabriel has signed we shall get Auoar and Partey imagine Auba, Laca, Auoar and Partey

    Frustration – Kroenke can **** off

    Denial – We still have 24 hrs left #Auoar #Partey

    Acceptance-Hmm Jorginho does look good

    And Post transfer Window our defense mechanism gets activated

    “ Xakha has improved a lot looks a world beater”
  13. gunnergoa

    gunnergoa Well-Known Member

    Yeah Pepe propelled Lille to the League...so had Giroud ...but he has done eff all since coming here....and talking about me playing football manager Arteta doesn't even play him he trust a 31 yr old over him what does that tell you.
  14. Rasmi

    Rasmi Well-Known Member

    I said star player because he is one for the future even if he hasn’t kicked on last 12 months. Either way he isn’t worth 30 million. If we not getting the 2 midfielders we wanted. We shouldn’t get anyone and give el nenny a real chance
  15. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Established Member Trusted

    I disagree. We are genuinely acting like Aouar and Partey are the only two players that exist.

    We have to take a risk on the next Partey. We offered 38 million for Aouar.

    Kante cost 8 million
    Ndidi cost 15 million
    Mahrez cost 450k

    There players out there that would cost 15m who would seriously improve us. We are just terrible at finding them and even worse at doing the deals.
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  16. Rasmi

    Rasmi Well-Known Member

    Those were years ago and all less proven and touted than ouar. We can’t take more risk. Our squad are mainly risk signings
  17. tcahill

    tcahill Well-Known Member

    Please don't buy anyone for the sake of buying. That's how we got into this mess. Next season we'll have Özil, Mustafi and more off the wage bill.
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  18. HairSprayGooners

    HairSprayGooners Al Jazeera Correspondent

    Ffs the crap suggestions in here...

    Gueye and Daka when we need proper midfielders ffs :lol:
  19. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Established Member Trusted

    It doesn't matter if they are proven or not. It's down to the scouting and whether they would adapt to the pace and physicality of the league. We have witnessed first hand how difficult it has been for Pepe. Aouar will not adapt instantly. He doesn't carry a team. If Lyon play **** he is anonymous. He doesn't drag Lyon to places they shouldn't be and he definitely wouldn't with us.

    Saka can easily be our creative force. The problem is the central midfield area.

    Xhaka, Elneny, Guendouzi, Ceballos, Lacazette are the key players that needed upgrades. Not by big name proven players, but with players who suit Arteta's system and who are simply better footballers. I am sorry but you do not have to cost 50 million to be a better footballer than Xhaka or Ceballos.

    We are acting like our players are of the highest grade and that we can't improve upon them. Roca would have been an improvement on Xhaka. He has a better passing range, more press resistant and has a much higher ceiling. There are players out there who have potential to surpass Partey. We just wont take the risk or can't even find them. So we spend an entire summer chasing players we can't afford. Playing a game of poker we have no experience in.

    They said they have a plan. If a Jorginho loan is a plan then what sense is that? Why would Jorginho want to leave a team he is playing in that has Champions league football.
  20. gunnergoa

    gunnergoa Well-Known Member

    What are u talking about the club's best year is when consistently signed these kind of players.......our recruitment and scouting have been awaful lately....we need to accept the fact and go back to things that made us successful all those years ...
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