Barcelona vs Arsenal | August 4th | KO: 19:00 BST | Joan Gamper Trophy

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Small silver lining is that we played with perhaps our second choice defensive four and looked good but for Maitland-Niles' error and Mustafi being Mustafi.

Bellerin and Holding back in September and strong rumours linking us to another CB and LB as well. Team better drilled defensively too. We will improve this year.
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Didn't see the game. How did Chambers look? Looking at the starting XI and the subs I get the feeling thag Chambers - Sokratis is our CB pairing until Holding is fit

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Mustafis a c*nt. 5 fcking mins he was on and he leaves Suarez free. He just watched Suarez run off him. Never hated a player more.


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Either Mustafi decides to play offside on his own or Chambers keeps Suarez onside on his own.
Except the fullbacks were in line as well. Where the fvck was he going? Just keep the damn space tight. I hate him. Genuinely hate him.


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He looks right at Suarez, but hesitates. Probably couldn’t decide whether or not to try his offside trap nonsense again.

Could be a camera angle thing. Appeared to me he was quite a distance away. It was more on Suarez having space against Chambers one-on-one as I saw it, but could be wrong.


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