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Dušan Vlahović

Which club will Vlahovic end up at?

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If the player is willing to join the agent fees shouldn't stand in the way, yes they are greedy bastards, but I much rather pay some extra millions than targeting another player who clearly wont be as prolific. Isak has 4 league goals this season ffs


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It’s about time we grew some balls in the market - this is how Liverpool secured key players in VvD and Allison and it’s how Chelsea, City and Utd have done business consistently for years. For us it has to be the more restricted Liverpool model but it’s hard to argue against a bold move of this sort, as we don’t have a Thierry, Wrighty or god forbid Anelka in the wings. Have to make this stuff happen.


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Even with a high agent fee this still looks like it’d work out cheaper than the other suggest targets.

Still a huge amount of time left in the window. This is far from over.


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How does that work though? How does the local paper find out that an email offer is going to come through as well as the details? Always wondered how, if true, these things get out and why?
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