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ESR staying we got zero creativity and it depend if we add attacking midfielder then it'll options for him to leave on loan.

say yes

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Nah this is one youth product we need to keep for next season. We’re short on creativity, and if he’s good enough for some minutes now is the time to show it.

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Leeds on loan could be interesting tho...

We better not f*cking sell to Palace. The Croydon connection ffs. :lol:

Fulham would be a good loan, don’t have many creative options so they’d probably guarantee him game time.

Even if they go with Josh Onomah through the middle he should easily get in over Kebano or Dercodova-Reid who probably aren’t PL quality.

Leeds he’d be good working with Bielsa but he has his favourites and could see him struggling to break in tbh.


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Oooh breakout Cesc 2004/05 season incoming?
He’s ready for minutes imo. He’s a blank slate of a player but his technical base is so good, would like to see what he could do.

Desperately need pace in midfield so if we switch to a 3 he could battle for a spot.


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I do t think he'll go on loan. At the moment, he only has Willian ahead of him in the AM spot. I think he's going have a similar season to Saka last year


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Any kid midfielder would be insane to take a loan before January. Its just Xhaka & players on the way out.

Opportunity not going to get much better than this.

Think your right. Certainly first half of the season anyway, with League Cup games & Europa League games & a condensed league season there should be plenty opportunities for minutes.


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Hes not going to be loaned or sold imo
Should get plenty of game time with Arsenal this season.


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I'd rather have him out on loan starting regularly. Monaco is interesting, but a Premier League would be ideal.
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