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European Super League

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On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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Why couldn't we just have been left out of this ?
Kroenke leaving because it's no longer a toy worth to have and the WALE, West Ham, Arsenal, Leicester and Everton fighting it out.

At least there's passion, the players will match the top 12 in 1-2 years again anyways, next Haalands and Mbappe's just on the edge.
We are big market team that's why we involved. Believe if Newcastle were bought by Saudi royal family last season they'd be invited and involved too it's all about who the most rich


I got the shotgun and you got the briefcase 🥷💼
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Is it true that Chelsea are backing out now? Hopefully Perez gets those cowards and they’re no longer allowed back in the Super League.

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It was a unique moment, a football fairytale. Was there anyone left who still believed I could give that kind of performance? Probably only Arsène Wenger.

Per Mertesacker on Arsenal’s FA Cup Final win over Chelsea on 2017 being his only appearance that season

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